1DM for PC – Download the Browser for Windows 11/10/8/7 [2023]

1DM Browser is a secure, fast, and reliable web browser with rich features to help you stay safe and secure online. It has been designed to protect your privacy and security by blocking malicious websites, ads, phishing attacks, pop-ups, auto-fill forms, and more. 1DM Browser also provides advanced options such as content filtering and parental control to help parents keep their children safe online. 

Name  1DM Browser For PC Windows
Compatibility Windows 7/10/11
Size 47 MB
Bug Test Passed (No issues detected)
License Type Free

How To Download 1DM Browser For PC?

1DM Browser is a revolutionary web browser for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Here, we are sharing a step by step guide through which you’ll be able to download 1DM Program for PC using Bluestacks.


  1. First you need to download Bluestacks App player from its official website. Once it’s installed successfully on your system, then go for further step.
  2. Open Bluestacks and find ‘1DM Browser’ in search bar.
  3. Once you find it, install it following steps.
  4. Once installed, you can now launch 1DM Browser on your PC and start browsing!

Features of 1DM Browser

1DM Browser offers many features, including full support for the latest web standards, intelligent bookmarks, tabbed browsing, spell-checking, and more. With 1DM Browser, you can be sure that your surfing experience is secure and private while still enjoying all the benefits of modern web technology. 1DM Browser is the perfect choice for those who want a safe, fast, and reliable web browser that offers all the features they need.

  1. Its built-in features protect your privacy and security, such as blocking malicious websites, ads, phishing attacks, pop-ups, auto-fill forms, and more.
  2. Content filtering and parental control help parents keep their children safe online.
  3. Full help for the most recent web guidelines, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and that’s just the beginning.
  4. Smart bookmarks to quickly access frequently visited sites without typing in URLs each time.
  5. Tabbed browsing for easy navigation of multiple websites simultaneously.
  6. Spell-checker to ensure accuracy when writing on the internet.
  7. The Autofill forms feature saves you time when completing the information on websites or documents.
  8. Password manager to quickly and securely store passwords for websites.
  9. Pop-up blocker to stop annoying pop-ups and ads from appearing on web pages.
  10. Private browsing mode, so your internet activity is not tracked or stored on the computer when you close the browser window.

1DM Browser is an excellent choice for a secure, fast, and reliable web browser with all the necessary features. 

Top 5 Alternatives to 1DM Browser

A few good options are available if you are looking for an alternative web browser on your PC. Here is a rundown of the most famous choices in contrast to the 1DM Program:

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is an innovative and powerful browser created by Google. It’s been designed to make browsing faster, simpler, and more secure for users. Chrome has a simple, minimalistic interface that organizers organize webpages in easily accessed tabs and provides customization options. Chrome allows its users to employ the latest standards that enable lightning-fast page loading speeds, improved security features, and the presentation of modern content like 3D images or interactive media. With Chrome, driving your perusing experience turns out to be simple and agreeable regardless of what type of device you’re using. Today, Chrome is a leading choice among internet browsers, with powerful features that can help you maximize your browsing time.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most generally utilized programs available today. With its intuitive interface, Firefox makes browsing the web effortless. Firefox is designed for novices and professionals, offering everyone a diverse selection of customized options. Its latest version boosts compatibility with web-based applications, allowing you to access your online accounts from any device. Firefox likewise offers unrivalled security to keep your information free from any potential harm while perusing the web. Its strong encryption capabilities stop sites from tracking your online activities and protect you from malicious attacks. Firefox continues to be an excellent choice for users who want fast and reliable access to their favorite websites and applications.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new Browser that was released in 2015. It is Microsoft’s first foray into modern web browsers and offers users a secure, fast, and efficient browsing experience. Microsoft Edge features Microsoft’s own Cortana integration to help the user with tasks like finding information, setting reminders, and tracking meetings. It also has a Reading Mode for reading digital publications without ads or unnecessary distractions; this is great for students doing research. Microsoft Edge keeps your browsing sessions private with Internet Explorer mode and Microsoft Account sign-in. Microsoft Edge provides an improved way to browse the web, keeping you safe and up-to-date while providing a sleek interface that optimizer optimizes productivity.

4. Opera

Opera is gaining increased recognition as one of the most innovative and highly praised browsers. It has various features to make browsing more intuitive, such as its built-in ad blocker, which blocks ads from appearing on webpages, and Opera Turbo, which compresses data to reduce page loading time. Opera has its search engine, Opera Search, which offers users secure and private searching. Additionally, Opera offers a cryptocurrency Wallet option for users wanting to send and receive crypto payments from others quickly and securely. With features like these, Opera truly is the perfect Browser for individuals looking for an upgraded browsing experience.

5. Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser is an innovative, user-friendly web browser that provides great flexibility when browsing online. Vivaldi offers custom keyboard shortcuts and personally tailored themes. Along with color options, tab stacking, and tiling to create a unique browsing experience. Utilizing Vivaldi’s built-in tools allow users to take instant screenshots of their current page or open new websites in split-screen mode. Vivaldi also provides privacy features that protect personal information online and includes various bookmarking options for easy access to favorite sites. Vivaldi is one of the leading browsers with advanced customization options and secures multiple tab windows, setting itself apart from others in its class.


With Bluestacks App Player, downloading 1DM Browser is easy and quick. In the event that you follow the means above, you can have 1DM Program introduced on your PC in a matter of seconds. But if you’re looking for a browser to use on your computer, there are plenty of options. Whether you prefer Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi, each Browser offers unique features and benefits. Whichever browser you choose, ensure it meets all your needs while providing a secure and efficient browsing experience.

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