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Windows has been aiming to provide users with advanced search tools for a while now, but the latest updates remain a step behind the much-claimed Alfred search tool available on Mac. 

Alfred has been turned into a performance tool that brings to users several commands, features, and even solutions to those aspects of organization and productivity that become difficult to handle daily, especially when you and your devices are exhausted by life’s challenges.

Alfred is not just a search tool! It brings features like keyword categorisation, text expansion, hotkeys, and plugins like a calculator, web search, workflow tracker, usage tracker, and many more. Being able to download the Alfred app for Windows would have been so amazing for numerous users around the world. But since the official version only exists for Mac, getting Alfred for your Windows device can be a little tougher than it looks!

Name  Alfred For Windows
Compatibility Windows 11/10/7
Size 2 MB
Ratings 4.8/5
License Type Free

Streamlined Download Method for Alfred For PC Windows

Since an official version of Alfred for PC is unavailable, users have found using a safe, well-equipped APK version beneficial. To download a legitimate apk version of the Alfred app, however, users need to search for the best APK properly.

  • Locate the official website for the Alfred app for the Windows APK Mod version.
  • Click on the Download button to start the installation process. 
  • Go to the Downloads folder on your PC and search for the installed Alfred exe files.
  • Right-click on them and Run the files to start the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, inspect the app and make sure it responds to all your requirements. Now your Alfred for PC is ready to use!

Key Attributes

While some very cool Alfred alternatives exist in the Windows market (about which we will talk in the next section), some unique features make the Alfred app irreplaceable. Look at this list below and let us know in the comment box which features are essential for a good search tool!

Attractive and Unique Themes

Alfred is much appreciated for its soothing and engaging user interface. It has various unique themes, including changing colors, captivating images, and even some great quality other music. While other alternatives like Wox have some beautiful themes, Alfred’s design is it’s own!

Workflow Tracker

This software has a built-in workflow tracker named ‘Workflows’ in which users can integrate all required tasks for a project to complete in one place in the form of flowcharts, paragraphs, line maps, etc. Creating these charts can be a lot of fun, and users get a clear view of what they need to do to achieve a certain standard of result.

Remote Management System

The remote management system is designed to keep users connected with the different system files, media folders, and other important documents stashed in their Mac devices. This great system makes Alfred an absolute winner.

Automate Tasks

The main tasks that Alfred is used to performing are finding and modifying apps and files, and secondly, searching the web for not only information but also products, movie reviews, book pdf, etc. 

This software allows users to do all of this in one place and also helps them automate and schedule tasks that can run in the background simultaneously with the main project they are handling. 

3 Best Alfred Alternative For Windows

If you are unable to use Alfred, here are some alternatives that you can check:

1. Listary

This simple and effective software aims to save you time as much as possible. It has a goal-oriented interface and responds efficiently to keyboard shortcuts. The best keyboard shortcut on Listary is pressing the Ctrl key twice, which enables you to search for anything and short and filter through software, files, hidden system files, queries, and more. 

Other shortcut keys and the Action menu help users cut, copy and paste items on the PC. An amazing Alfred alternative, the app allows you to ‘search only files’ according to any category and mark favourites on your device.

2. Wox

This Alfred alternative for Windows is the official solution to all your Alfred needs. It is a one-stop search tool where one can get a comprehensive view of all the files, software, media, folders, etc., located on the device and determine how they are categorized.

Using the same search tool, users can perform web searches on not only Google and Microsoft Bing but also Wikipedia, Amazon, bookmarked blogs, etc. You can also integrate plugins on this software to include the calculator, any set of color hex codes, an attractive background theme, and so much more while using this software.

3. Jarvis

Jarvis is one of the simplest search apps for Windows 10 and above available today. This app takes mere milliseconds to install and run, after which you can directly search for any query, document, application, and information you choose. 

The simple user interface helps with a professional workplace and unrelenting success in getting work done. You can customize the software with quick access to folders, file extensions, and search categories of your choice. The update previews available on Jarvis and the advanced file indexing option make this app a wonderful free choice.


Is the alfred app free?

Ans. You can use the Alfred app for free and avail of most features. For some high and additional features, an optional subscription might be needed.

Which is the best alfred alternative for windows?

Ans. The best Alfred alternative for Windows is the app Wox, which answers almost all Alfred users’ needs while offering some unique additions.

Can you download the alfred app for windows?

Ans. The Alfred app has been developed for Mac users and cannot officially be downloaded on the Windows operating system.

How can I install alfred for PC?

Ans. The only way to install Alfred for PC is to locate a safe and genuine Mod APK version on an official website.


Using Alfred for PC can be a hassle because an official application has not yet been designed for Windows users.

The Mod version, if available, however, ensures that all features are free and completely unlocked from the very start of installing this app while, at the same time, it has also been made incredibly Windows-friendly. Alfred can save time on everyday tasks and make daily work sound so much cooler. 

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