Animal Crossing For PC: Download & Installation Guide in 2023

Animal Crossing is an official Nintendo game series first developed by Katusya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami and released in 2001. Nintendo has continued to release these creative, strategy-based open World adventure games throughout the years, with the latest one coming out in 2021. 

The protagonist of this game is a human being who lives in a village with other creatures who are ‘anthropomorphic’, i.e. animals with human features and qualities. The focus of this game is to build a lifestyle as a rural businessman – farming, selling produce, animal rearing, fishing, insect catching, and hunting fossils. 

How to Download Animal Crossing on PC?

Can you get Animal Crossing on PC? Nintendo has yet to create an official Animal Crossing game for the computer. You can beat the system here and enjoy the original Animal Crossing on PC.

  • Go to the web browser and search for ‘Nintendo Switch Emulator’. Several emulators include Yuzu, MUO, Cemu, etc.
  • Click on the official website and then the Download button.
  • Wait till the emulator files have been imported into your device. Double-click on these files to extract them.
  • Launch the Nintendo Switch emulator. 
  • Go to the homepage and select the search button. Type ‘Animal Crossing’ followed by the name of the specific game you are looking for.
  • Choose the official Animal Crossing and click on Install. It is as easy as that!

Exploring the Enchanting Features of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a legendary game in Nintendo history. It has even been used in schools and healthcare systems for recreational and educational purposes. What has made it so popular?

Open-ended Narrative

Animal Crossing games are some of the best open-ended adventure games, with almost infinite possibilities depending on the player’s choices. This means you can continue to play this game endlessly without reaching a definitive finale. 

It is a virtual simulation game that successfully allows players to build an alternate reality That can provide them with real emotions and a sense of achievement.

Real Passage of Time

The Animal Crossing clock syncs with the real-life passage of time, so your human protagonist lives the same days as you. This is a unique and immersive feature that contributes to the relaxing and engaging nature of the game. Sometimes it also encourages the player to play more to spend more time with the protagonist!

Soothing and Engaging Interface 

Animal Crossing has a legendary set of graphics that have become the staple animation style of most open-ended adventure and world-building games. The interface is ever-changing, and characters always have something fun and exciting to do. The beautiful background music further adds to the experience.

Successful, Regular Releases

Surprisingly, Nintendo never stopped making the Animal Crossing games. From 2001 to 2021, Nintendo released one animal crossing game every 3 to 4 years. There are 11 games under the series today, including the Amiibo Festival. Nintendo’s commitment to this title has helped build a worldwide fan base.

3 Unique Games to Experience Instead of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is probably one of the most iconic games in its lane. Several other games have been developed with similar gameplay and narrative structure to Animal Crossing. We have listed our top three favorites below, but the list continues!

Hokko Life

The protagonist travels by train and reaches a village full of human-like animals. You can talk to them, make friends and develop your town slowly. The game is similar to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version, except it is available on PC. 

You can also consider this an idle game, save your progress, and return to it whenever you are free. The game is single-player and has a vibrant interface. The art style is 2D and similar to the graphics in animated children’s books!

Stardew Valley

If you want Animal Crossing for the computer, you can go for the Harvest Moon-inspired creation Stardew Valley, which is identical in graphics and narrative structure. Stardew does not waste any time and gets into farming, renovating, and expanding – not to mention the most crucial animal rearing daily. 

This PC game supports both single-player and multiplayer versions. The peaceful background music and slow growth will steal your heart at first impression.


Are you a fan of both Pokemon and Animal Crossing? If yes, you will love this new alternative to Animal Crossing PC. Create your little establishment with forms and animals in a beautiful town that has now been abandoned by most. 

At the same time, you also get to rear extraordinary creatures and fight monster battles similar to the Classic Pokemon games – but here is the twist, the battles are all dance battles, and the one with better moves wins! The people who still live in the town are the sweetest, and building relationships with them is also a significant game factor.


Q. Which is the best Animal Crossing for PC alternative?

Ans. The best and most popular Animal Crossing on PC alternative is Hokko Life.

Q. How to play Animal Crossing?

Ans. Animal Crossing games are easy to play. The protagonist has to build a farm lifestyle and earn money which is then used to expand the household and business as the protagonist moves through the levels. Fossil hunting, building relationships, and home designing are also a part of the game.

Q. How to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the computer?

Ans. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch game. But worry not; you can easily play this game on a gaming PC by downloading the Nintendo Switch emulator and installing the game from there.

Q. When will the animal crossing PC game be released?

Ans. There has yet to be any news about an official release of the Animal Crossing PC game. There are some alternative methods of downloading and playing Animal Crossing that you can try.


In today’s blog, we shed light on the question, ‘Can you get Animal Crossing on PC’ and looked at some of the best Animal Crossing alternatives that can do the trick. 

While you have yet to download an official Animal Crossing game for the computer, a few unofficial methods exist to enjoy this game, such as downloading through a Nintendo Switch. 

Which game in the animal crossing series is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, happy gaming!

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