CapCut vs iMovie vs Final Cut Pro – Which Video Editing Software Reigns Supreme?

With an almost infinite number of video editing apps and software coming up every day, it has become more confusing than ever for a person to decide which one to choose. In this article, we are going to be exploring all the areas of differences between CapCut, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. All three editing software are among the top video editing app market. We are here to rank these beautiful apps, which is nearly impossible because of the crazy competitive edge. The whole purpose of this article is to put out all the differences between these apps so that you can choose easily.

Major Differences

Video Editing Software Interface

Platforms of Availability

The first and most obvious difference is the operating systems that these apps can work on. Final Cut Pro and iMovie work solely on iOS devices, while CapCut is available for Android, iOS, and Mac devices. If you use an Android device, iMovie and Final Cut Pro has already been deleted from your lists. But take your time deciding; downloading iMovie and Final Cut Pro on Windows or Android devices is straightforward. If you like the apps, there are plenty of tutorials on how to go about the download, so don’t worry about that at all.


Cost is one of the most important things that people look into. Not all of these three apps are free of charge. CapCut is available for free on Android, iOS, and Mac. On the other hand, iMovie is accessible on iOS devices, but for those that use a Mac, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription which is not very costly; the cost for iMovie is pretty reasonable. On the contrary, the same cannot be said about Final Cut Pro. It is on the pricier side of things. Final Cut Pro is the most expensive among the three apps discussed here.

Key Features 

The features on CapCut, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie are all exceptional, but each one fits their specific and unique needs. All the apps have every essential feature you’ll need to get into the game of editing. But as we move from the beginners’ zone, the traffic must split into different apps.

For beginners and people just trying to learn to edit for fun and not trying anything serious with it, CapCut and iMovie are excellent choices. If you’re among another category of people with a definite set purpose for learning to edit and are doing it passionately, you’ll need something with a few additional features. Final Cut Pro is quite expensive, but it’s the perfect choice if you can afford it. You can use the app both as a beginner and a professional.

If you want access to all the advanced features but need more money, iMovie is a decent choice. Compared to CapCut, iMovie has a considerably more extensive collection of parts. You can access audio tracks, numerous templates, themes that add a professional feel, and more. iMovie is a very affordable option for Mac users.

User Interface 

All three apps have great interfaces that are highly user-friendly. CapCut has a more simplified interface than iMovie and Final Cut Pro because of the availability of fewer features. But, as a whole, they have a pretty appealing interface. Final Cut Pro is among the more intricate ones. If you don’t know the basics of video editing, you will face trouble navigating through Final Cut Pro.


This is all we’ve got about CapCut vs. iMovie vs. Final Cut Pro. We have tried our best to make a good comparison in all the areas you might need clarification on. The cost comparison and feature comparison has been made comprehensively to help you out in the best possible way.

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