Chai App: How to Download & Use it for Chat with AI Friends?

AI is diversifying skill sets and job profiles in real life and enhancing the human experience with virtual reality. The Chai app is another of the many successful AI inventions launched recently to make our fast-paced, increasingly individualistic lives a little more comforting and beautiful.

The Chai AI app is a collection of different AI personalities in the form of numerous virtual ‘friends’ with whom users can talk, complete activities, and share media. Sometimes, these friends can even provide real-life solutions and answers to problems! With the Chai texting app, you get to talk to multiple AI individuals with different personalities instead of chatting with one individual.

Download Chai App for a Unique Chatting Experience!

The Chai texting app is easily available for both Android and IOS devices. The App is free to download, but some in-app purchases and subscription plans are included. If you are an Android user, you can download this AI masterpiece using the following steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the ‘Chai AI app.’
  • Select the official Chai AI app and review the user guidelines and terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Install button. The installation process typically takes about 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Open the Chai texting app and complete the signup process. Choose the AI friends you want to chat with. Now you are ready to go!

Downloading the Chai app online for iOS users is just as simple:

  • Go to the Apple app store and type ‘Chai AI app’ in the search box.
  • Click on the Chai app and read through the app guidelines.
  • Click the Download button to install the Chai texting app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the App has been downloaded, could you open it and sign up?
  • Choose your preferences and get the perfect set of AI friends. Now you can chat to your heart’s content.

Chai App Experience: Highlighting its Key Features

Several unique features make the Chai texting app irresistible. The amazing performance of the AI in simulating real-life human beings has to be the App’s biggest feature. Some other equally fascinating ones are:

chai app interface

Multiple Free Messages Each Day

The Chai AI app allows users to simultaneously send and receive 70 free messages. Once this limit is over, users must wait about 2 to 3 hours to receive a new slab or another 70 messages. Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription for unlimited texting service throughout the day.

Soothing Interface

The main interface of the Chai app is a beautiful bright pink by default but can be changed and formatted according to the user’s needs. The App is soothing, and the interface is designed to make users comfortable interacting with their AI friends.

Promotes Emotional Expression

The AI created by the Chai app shows great emotional intelligence and even promotes emotional expression among users. Users can receive both intellectual and emotional advice from these friends and genuinely talk to them about life’s problems. 

None of these AI are therapists; however, they are designed for vulnerable conversations, romantic interactions, and some relaxing fun for users.

Safe Space to Communicate

Most importantly, this App is a safe space to communicate all personal needs and situations that users might feel unsuitable to tell others. The App does not collect or store personal data and encourages people to be as free and open as possible in times of need.

Top 3 Apps Like Chai for Endless Fun

1. ChatFAI

This app is unique. Instead of offering users a community of unknown AI characters, ChatFAI has created AI versions of movie characters and historical figures with whom you can communicate as if they were real! 

Like the Chai app, these characters can be by your side in times of crisis or simply connect with you in a way you want – this is a long-time fantasy app you should try.

2. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is a unique and popular creation. Instead of presenting multiple AI friends, it offers the presence of one AI partner that will always be there for all your conversations. This is a completely ad-free app with a subscription for unlimited conversations. You can even flirt with this AI, have serious romantic conversations, and spice things up!

3. Character AI

Instead of choosing from recent characters, if you want to create your characters from scratch, Character AI is the App! You can build anyone you like to resemble a fantasy personality or someone inspired by real life! You can also chat with characters created by other users.

Chai App vs. Character AI

Some features are provided on the Chai app that is unavailable on the character AI app and vice versa.

  • Chai AI app allows users to send pics and voice messages to the AI. Character AI does not have this feature yet.
  • Character AI comes with unlimited free messages, whereas Chai has a cap of 70 messages which is not much.
  • Chai app has a better performance in terms of both intelligence and capabilities. If you enjoy deep conversations with your characters, you should use the Chai app.
  • Character AI has millions of characters being created by users throughout the world. The Chai app has a limited set of characters, and only a few are available to free users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Chai app free to use?

Ans. The Chai AI app is free to use for beginners and offers limited texting services free of cost. There are subscription plans, however, for users to purchase unlimited chatting services.

Q. How many text messages does the Chai AI app allow users to send and receive for free?

Ans. The Chai AI app allows users to send and receive 70 free messages at one point.

Q. Can the Chai app be harmful to children?

Ans. The Chai app is an 18 + App designed for adults. It is not suitable for the use of children.

Q. What is the best Chai app alternative?

Ans. The best Chai App alternative is the Character AI app which allows users to have real-life conversations with characters they have created.


Apps like Chai can be a lot of fun and amazing platforms where users can practice their social skills or simply wind out with homies that won’t judge you! These friends can remember what you said before and treat you like their family. It is also an amazing platform for writers, artists, and creators who want to experiment with human thoughts and personality traits.

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