Clash For Windows: Download & Installation Process Explained

The answer might be tangly and not very easy to grasp regarding the question of what clash is. In a broad sense, Clash is a Proxy client software. It supports almost all kinds of Proxy protocols and is one of the best in its genre. Many people compare Clash with a general VPN, but they differ greatly. To give you a proper comparison, a VPN is just a virtual machine dedicated network, and Clash, on the other hand, is a proxy client protocol. Another important area of distinction is that Clash does not need a virtual host or a server. It’s just a mere client-to-network proxy and can be accessed on Android, Windows, Apple, and other platforms. 

If you want a way to download Clash for Win, all the related methods and additional information are provided below.

How To Get Clash for Windows? (In a Few Simple Steps)

To get Clash for Windows, you’ll first need to download the Original version of Clash. A direct link has been provided below; click on it to download the file. 

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is download the suitable version for your device. We recommend that you download the .exe file. 
  • When you’re done with the download, click on the install option. Make sure to install the default location. 
  • Now, cancel the Run Clash for Windows option and then give the finish button a click. 
  • After that step, you’ll have to install Clash Chinese Patch. 
  • The following steps are to install and download the Chinese Localized Patch to get Clash Windows.
  • Use the link below or find one through which you can download the Chinese Localized Patch of Clash. 
  • Click on the respective link and download the or app.7z file. Don’t worry. Both files contain the same components. 
  • Now, compress the file and then replace the app.asar file. 
  • In the installation directory, you’ll see a resources folder; copy this app. asar file into it. 
  • Make sure that you are replacing this file with the original one. 
  • After that, your Clash for Windows download process officially ended. 
  • You can now open Clash, and the Chinese version is successfully downloaded. 

You can’t yet start using Clash on Windows; subscribe to it first. The necessary steps are given below. 

  • Once you have successfully installed Clash for Windows, to use it, you’ll first have to subscribe. 
  • Your first step is to import the Clash files. You can do so by dragging and dropping them. 
  • If you have built yourself a node and are willing to convert it into a clash subscription link, visit a subscription converter, and your job will be done. 
  • When you finish that, the subscription file will be downloaded to your Windows Client. 
  • The final step is to return to the routine and tap the system agent button. Once you tap it, it’s going to turn green. 
  • If you’re willing to start Clash automatically as you switch on your computer, click the start option to light it up. 
  • This step does the basic ground-level configuration and all the related work, and Clash can now comfortably work for your Windows device. 

Key Features 

Clash for Windows is a wonderful Proxy that you need to use. 

  • It provides Fake IP DNS; if you’re wondering what that does, it improves your network performance by decreasing the impact on DNS pollution.
  • Clash also provides IP addresses, domains, process names, dynamic scripting, and more. 
  • It also enables you to load remote Proxy lists dynamically. 
  • The Premium core version of Clash gives access to all of these and many more features offered by Clash. 

Best Software Like Clash 


Netch is a similar Proxy client network just like Clash. It has most of the important features that a Proxy needs. But the only major issue here is that it needs to be updated and has been causing various issues. It works on devices up to Windows 10 only. 


NekoRay is under development for the most part and has a few glitches and bugs here and there. We recommend that you don’t use it yet and stick to Clash for now. 


The UI of V2rayN is very good and a stable proxy. It only supports the system Proxy mode and doesn’t support gaming at all. So, that’s one major drawback. The rest of the features are on point, so there’s nothing to worry about in other areas.


Can I play games with the help of Clash for Windows? 

Yes, you most certainly can. But for that, you’ll first have to install the TUN and then connect to a UDP-supporting server. 

Why is Netflix using another server to connect? 

If you’ve selected a certain server and Netflix uses a completely different server, it might be because of the Rule mode. If you have the Rule mode on, the Netflix website will be redirected accordingly by the Netflix rule set. 

Can I update the server list? 

Yes, to do so, start by going to the profiles section. Now, locate the refresh icon next to the profile you’re willing to update and click on it. 

Why is Spotify not working?

You’ll need to force the app to go through Clash to resolve this issue. This can be done with the help of UWP Loopback Helper. If you still face the same issue, install the TUN device. 

Bottom Line

This is all we’ve got on Clash; the detailed steps to install Clash for Windows have been given above. The installation process is pretty straightforward if you pay little attention. We’ve also mentioned a few alternatives to Clash, but it is recommended that you stick to Clash as some of them are under development or don’t receive updates.

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