Securely Connect Lorex to Google Home | Expert Guide (2023)

In all honesty, Google is no longer just a search engine, it has become an integral and crucial part of a majority of people’s lives. From “Ok Google, Play some music” and “Ok Google, turn on the bedroom lights” to “Ok Google, show me the backyard”, Google has ventured into every category of tech possible. At this stage, being a search engine is only a portion of what Google is, and here’s a little bit of a deep dive into the Google Home-related stuff. In the following article, we’ll be taking you through the steps to Connect Lorex to your Google Home. 

If you’re not familiar with Lorex, here’s a quick run-through. Lorex is a brand associated with safety and surveillance reasons and in a broad sense, it’s a company mostly popular for its security cameras. Here, we’ll be talking about an easy and quick way to connect Lorex to Google Home and control it through voice commands. 

A Few to Go Through Before We Start 

Not all Lorex products are compatible with Google Home, so first pick a device that supports Google Voice assistance. 

  • Once you’ve picked your Lorex product, make sure it is turned on and connected to the internet. 
  • Now, you’ll need to connect the Lorex device to Google Home with the help of the Google Home app. Don’t opt for the Google Assistant app as it is of no importance to our needs here. 
  • After you’ve done that, install the Lorex Home app as well. Continue with setting up your device on the Lorex Home app. If you’re facing any issues in doing so, make sure to check out the Products section of the Lorex official website. In the Products section of the website, find the app manual for the Lorex home app, all the helpful instructions will be provided in the app manual. 
  • If there’s any upgrading that the Lorex device needs to undergo, check it through before beginning the setup. 

How to Securely Connect Lorex to Google Home? 

Once you’re done with fulfilling the basic requirements, follow the below-mentioned steps to securely connect Lorex to Google Home. 

  • Go to the play store and install the Google Home app. 
  • Once the installation is done, click on the open option. As soon as the app opens, click on the Add option presented to you on the home screen. 
  • Now click “Set up device”
  • On clicking ‘set up’, two additional features will pop up. There’s a ‘new devices’ option and a ‘Works with Google’ option. Click on the ‘works with Google’ option. 
  • In the search bar that appears, type Lorex Home. 
  • Enter your Lorex Home account credentials. Double check the email address and password, then click on the Sign in option. If you haven’t yet created your Lorex account, you’ll need to go to the Lorex Home app and do that first. 
  • Click on the ‘Authorize’ option. 
  • Organize your cameras into different channels or you can just go to the Home screen and you’ll be able to see all the connected cameras. 


If you’ve followed all the steps properly, you’ll be able to control your Lorex devices using Google Home. Just call out to your Google Assistant and it’ll show you whatever region of the house you’re willing to see. In case of an issue with connecting Lorex to Google Home, you can put in a query on the Lorex website.

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