Guitar Hero on PC Windows & Mac: Free Download (2023)

Want to unleash the inner guitarist in you? Then look no further than Guitar Hero for PC. Guitar Hero is the perfect video game designed to create a concert-like simulation. Get rid of the fear of playing guitar in the crowd by practicing on your PC. It has something for everyone to jam out on solo or with friends. Currently, the game is available for smartphones only. However, you download the app on your PC using an emulator. We will help you out by downloading the app on your PC. Follow our guide to enjoying endless hours of fun and entertainment. 

Name  Guitar Hero on PC Windows
Compatibility Windows 7/10/11
Bug Test Passed (No issues detected)
License Type Free

How To Download Guitar Hero on Windows PC?

BlueStacks Interface

1. Choose an Emulator

Since the smartphone application is only available, you must choose an emulator to download Guitar Hero for PC. An emulator will help in replicating the mobile app on your PC. You can choose an emulator like Bluestacks. You can download the software from the company website. You can also use Nox player as an alternative.

2. Installing Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the most preferred application known for its speed and efficiency. Once you download Bluestacks, you must install and launch it like any other app. Later, you need to access the Google Play store by logging in to your Google ID. 

3. Logging Google Account

As it is an android application, you must access your Google play store ID. You are logging in to your Google ID using your ID and password. You can either use your existing credentials or create a new account with a simple email verification process.

4. Search for Guitar Hero

Once you log in to your Google Play Store, you need to search for the app and start downloading. You can download Guitar Hero 3 for PC from the search and install it on your PC. Finish the setup and customize the software as per your preferences.

How To Download Guitar Hero on Mac PC?

The guitar Hero app is available for iOS smartphones only. Hence, it would help if you used an emulator to replicate the mobile application on your PC. MobiOne Studios and iPadian are the two most reliable emulators online. Also, you can go for other virus-free emulators. 

1. Download the Emulator

Once you choose the right emulator for your PC, download and install it on your computer or laptop. Launch the emulator after successfully downloading it by following the installation steps.

2. Access Apple Store

Once you launch the emulator, you must access your Apple store to replicate the app on your PC. You can either log in with your existing Apple ID or create a new one to download Guitar Hero. Once you log in, search for Guitar Hero for PC download using the search bar. Now click on the install button once you finish the download.

3. Setup and Install

As you finish the installation, you must set up or configure the app according to your preferences. Configure the settings and personalize the app for an excellent simulation. 

Guitar Hero Features & Capabilities 

You must be thinking why Guitar Hero for Computer is an excellent choice. It has some attractive features that make it the best choice, such as:

  • Easy to Learn – Using Guitar Hero is very simple. Anyone can learn to play the game with a few turns. You’ll get plenty of instructions during the gameplay for a smooth experience for the first time.
  • Live Gige – You can enjoy performing in real-time at live gigs using apps using the vast song library. Also, you can ask your bandmates to join you as you feel the crowd is losing interest.
  • Multiplayer Mode – The guitar Hero app for PC lets you participate with others using a multiplayer mode that enables users to compete with friends or other players online. Users can join online tournaments or create their own to make the game more challenging and fun.
  • Customization – The app lets you personalize the game using exciting features such as creating avatars, outfits, accessories, etc. It helps you create a unique identity, and the feature allows users to create a unique identity in the game and stand out from others.

Best Alternatives to Guitar Hero for PC

Guitar Hero is an option you can get on the internet. Here are a few alternatives you can look for:


Rocksmith is a fantastic option, with more than 6000 songs to play guitar in real-time. You can access their vast music library to practice your music journey. 

Frets on Fire

Another excellent alternative we have with us is Frets on Fire. You can play with the vast library using your keyboard on excellent music tracks. 

Phase Shift

It is the next most popular option, known for its multi-mode instrument-focused game. It has an extensive library of songs and supports guitar controllers and drum kits.


Q: Is Guitar Hero available to download for PC?

A: Unfortunately, the official Guitar Hero game is unavailable for PC download. However, the emulator lets users download the game on their computer or laptop.

Q: Is Bluestacks compatible with all versions of Windows?

Yes, Bluestacks is entirely compatible with all versions of Windows, including 7/8/10/11.

However, checking the system requirements before downloading and installing Guitar Hero for the computer is always a good idea.

Q: May I install the game on my PC with below 1 GB RAM?

Now, you need at least 1 GB RAM for the smooth functioning of the app on your app.

Q: Is it legal to use the app using an emulator?

Yes, using an emulator like Bluestakcs is entirely legal. Also, you can choose other non-virus options for safe access.

Start Playing Along Now!

Guitar Hero for PC is one of the top choices of individuals. You must follow the steps above to install the app on your system. Want to know more about the app? Tell us everything you want about the game in the comment section below!

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