Hik-Connect For PC: Download For Windows 10/11/7 (Free)

When discussing CCTV, the conversation wouldn’t probably go through without bringing up Hik Connect. Hik Connect is quite literally ruling the CCTV industry as of now. If you’re unfamiliar with Hik Connect, it’s a mobile app for Hikvision that lets you watch live CCTV footage on your mobile or tablet. The app lets you control your cameras and see what’s happening through your phone. But the only problem here is that Hik Connect cannot be downloaded on a PC. If you’re on your PC a lot and would like to get Hik Connect for Windows, the below steps will take you through the process.

Hik Connect is a convenient way to access your CCTV cameras worldwide. It’s accessible and easy to use; read on for more information on downloading Hik Connect for PC

Name  Hik Connect For PC
Compatibility Windows 7/10/11
Size 317 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

Download Methods To Get Hik Connect for Windows (In a Few Easy Steps)

There is no direct way of downloading Hik Connect on a PC, but it can be easily done if you follow the given steps.

  • To get started, you’ll have first to download an Android emulator. Plenty of emulators are available online, but we will be using Bluestacks. You can use any emulator you choose; the download steps will be similar. 
  • Click the link provided and go to the Bluestacks website, tap on the download option, and wait for it to be done.
  • Once the download is done, work on setting up Bluestacks, all you’ll need to do is follow a few on-screen instructions, and that’s it.
  • Go to the home screen of Bluestacks, and click on the Google Play store icon.
  • It’ll ask you to sign in and enter your Gmail ID and password.
  • Once signed into your Google account, search for Hik Connect in the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the install option and wait for the installation to be done.
  • That’s all; you’re done downloading Hik Connect for PC Windows 10. The Hik connect icon will appear on your PC home screen. Hik Connect will open in the emulator itself whenever you click the icon.

Benefits of Using Hik connect

Hik Connect doesn’t just allow you to watch your CCTV footage; it is capable of so much more than that. Here are a few features that ended up catching our attention. 

  • Hik Connect gives you access to cloud recording, so if you cannot keep an eye on the cameras, have the footage recorded and stored. 
  • If you’ve got a big house or office space and have many cameras, you can effortlessly group the cameras and watch the footage without any inconvenience. 
  • Hik Connect lets you customize and meddle with the live view. 
  • Remote playback is also available. 
  • You can import or export footage very easily with the help of a Hik Connect PC.
  • The Hik Connect app allows you to view CCTV footage on several devices. 

Top 3 Apps like Hik Connect

Though Hik Connect has nothing you can complain about, it’s ok to want to look for an alternative. If you’re not entirely satisfied with Hik to Connect, here are a few alternatives to Hik Connect that will surely leave your mind blown. 


When it comes to safety, TENVIS P2P is on the top. It allows you to set up each camera by changing its configuration. This app also lets you put a security code on all your cameras. Having a security code prevents any unauthorized access to the CCTV footage.

Eclipse New

Eclipse New will require a login to your cloud account. It is easy to save a video or export it on Eclipse New. This app lets you view an overall sum of up to 16 videos at a time. You can set up and control all the necessary features of your camera through Eclipse New. 


The message section on this app allows you access to all the alerts and extra details like time and type of action. Overall it’s a wonderful alternative to Hik connect and works well. 


Q. Can I watch my camera on Hik Connect for pc?

You can watch your camera on Hik Connect, but the app can’t be downloaded directly. You’ll first have to download and install an Android emulator and proceed with the abovementioned steps. 

Q. Is Hik Connect free?

Yes, Hik Connect is an entirely free app that lets you control your CCTV footage anywhere in the world. 

Q. Are there any alternatives to Hik Connect?

Many alternative apps to Hik Connect work just as well. A few of our top picks have been mentioned above. 

Q. Is Hik Connect available for Windows?

No, Hik Connect is not available for Windows PC, but you can download it with the help of an Android emulator. 


Hik Connect is a great app with a wide range of safety features. Hik Connect is the perfect way to help provide some peace of mind for people constantly paranoid about what their loved ones are doing back home.

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