How Many Endings in Until Dawn? – Possible Endings Revealed!

If you are a Until Dawn fan, we assure you you have a great gaming sense! Packed with action, horror, and role-playing sequences, Until Dawn truly creates an impact on its players. 

Due to the many different ways each character can behave in this game, players get to enjoy the game repeatedly. This brings us to an important question: How many endings does Until Dawn Game have, and when do we run out of novel options in this RPG masterpiece?

How Does Until Dawn End?

It is believed that Until Dawn has 6 final endings. Think of it this way: There are eight main characters, and depending on how you play the game, you can kill or save all of them. Output can also be anything in between.

Unfortunately, the fate of some characters is sealed by the game’s plot. But the majority of the characters have the potential of being saved from the Wendigo till the end – all possible combinations and where they lead combined to form the possible endings of this game. Let us take a look!

What are the Best Possible Endings in Until Dawn?

One of the endings is the best possible one intended for the ultimate winners. The worst possible ending is where almost all the characters have made unlucky choices. 

Getting The Best Ending

The player needs to follow a few steps to get the best ending where most characters survive. Matt, Josh, and Jessica must still be alive by the end of chapter 10. All of them need to be at the lodge. Sam must complete the ‘don’t move’ event. To protect him, choose the ‘save Mike’ option and then the hide option. Sam is a safe character, and the only time his life is in danger is in chapter 10, so saving him is pretty straightforward.

Protecting Chris In Until Dawn Gameplay

In chapter 8, Chris is faced by the Wendigo and shoots him with his shotgun. If he misses his shot, he dies. Now, after escaping, he reaches the lodge, but if Chris has already shot Ashley and she is dead, there is no one to let him inside. 

So here, the choices made by Chris earlier in the game come into play. Again, in chapter 9, Chris dies if he chooses to investigate the hatch for noises. You will be killed even if he does not open the hatch.

What Happens To Jessica?

Unfortunately, the fate of Jessica depends on Mike. If Mike fails most QTEs against Wendigo in chapter 4, Jessica dies. Mike has to take all the risky paths to appear on time and save Jessica. In chapter 10, if Jessica hides, she can survive, but if she tries to run, she is automatically gone. 

How To Save Emily In Until Dawn?

In chapter 8, when Emily tries to use the surface elevator, the beast catches her and takes her eyes out. The same happens if she doesn’t jump into the conveyor belt soon enough. 

If she fails to use the conveyor belt properly, she will fall into the grinder and be crushed. If the Wendigo bites her, Mike will point a gun at her, but he doesn’t need to shoot. He must be convinced not to shoot.

Matt And The Wendigo

If the Elk is harmed in chapter 6, Matt will be dangled and on the edge of the Cliff. He will also die if the player misses the QTE buttons in this chapter. Also, you must not try to save Emily in chapter 6, or Mike will fall down the mines and get caught. The best bat is also to let him have the flare gun.

Best Ending for Mike

Mike is safe as long as Sam is alive to blow up the lodge. Mike will live.

Can We Save Ashley?

Ashley can be saved if Sam blows up the lodge correctly. But for that, Ashley must be cautious in chapter 9. When she hears noises in the mines, she must not try to investigate and open the trap door! Just leave as fast as possible.

Will Josh Die in Until Dawn?

To save Josh, Sam must find Hannah’s journal. It must be done early in the game, and all clues must be extracted. If this is followed, Josh easily survives. 

Worst Possible Ending

 What is the one way to mess everything up? Only Sam and Mike will remain if most characters like Chris, Emily, Ashley, and Jessica are dead when Sam reaches the lodge. Only Mike will remain if the Wendigo finds out about Sam, who will blow up the lodge with himself inside.


Even though Until Dawn has limited endings, there are many ways to reach each end! In a game as beautifully crafted as Until Dawn, each decision, each step, and each strategy can bring a different outcome to the next position where you find yourself. 

How many times have you played Until Dawn? What is the next step you are dying to implement? Let us know in the comment box below, and keep the conversation going!

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