How to Animate on Procreate? – Step by Step Guide (2023)

Procreate is not only good with illustrations but can also work with animations. If you haven’t tried out the animation aspects of Procreate, you are honestly missing out on a lot. It doesn’t necessarily contain many animating features and functionalities, but Animation Assist is a feature you’ll thoroughly enjoy. If you’re a beginner, animation might be a little tricky. It takes quite a while to get used to, but with the right guidance, animation can be mastered quicker than usual. Here’s a short and helpful tutorial on how to animate on Procreate the easy way. 

Start by Setting Things Up 

Before you start doing anything, setting up your canvas is the first and most basic step. Choose a size of your liking and open a Procreate canvas in the chosen size. Once you finish the canvas, click the Actions button on the wrench icon. Now, scroll down a little, and you’ll see the Animation Assist option; that’s what we seek. Turn this option on.

When the Animation Assist option is turned on, a tiny animation bar will pop up on your canvas towards the bottom of the screen. This bar will contain all the animation tools available on Procreate. Your frames will also be visible in the bar as you proceed with the animations. 

Get Started with Animating 

Now that you set your canvas up, it’s time to get into the actual animation part. The process for animating on Procreate is very simple and easy to get used to. The pop-up bar will enable you to add frames and maintain the animation’s speed. You can alter the speed in frames per second. And one more thing, the Onion setting automatically loops your animation, so there’s nothing you’ll have to worry about in that aspect. 

With the help of Onion skin, you can easily see a collection of your frames at once. This feature can take you a long way in consistency; it’s extremely helpful in animation consistency. Onion skin is a very useful feature, especially if you’re a beginner; it helps you create better animations and make them look smoother. 

Add a Little Bit of Color 

If you’ve used the abovementioned features, a rough sketch of your animation should be ready by now. Now, it’s time for some finishing touches. We’ll need to add a little color and clean out the linework to tie it all together in a perfect knot. This might be the trickiest of the steps in your animation process. Because you’ll need to combine the color layers, sketch, and lineart, just be careful and take your time. If you mess up even a bit, the entire animation will turn out uneven. 

First, create all the required layers; in the layers panel, swipe right on them. You’ll see an option to group them; click on it. If you carry out everything mentioned in this article, you’ll come out with a beautiful animation. But, on the other hand, if you’re willing to do something a little extra to spice up the entire piece, here’s a final addition you can make. 

As a finishing touch, try using the Background Layer option; this will add a color beneath all the animation frames. The selected color will act as the base layer for the entirety of the animation. But the only issue here is you can’t alter the Background layer for every specific frame; it remains constant throughout all the frames. 

Do Final Touches 

The entire animation will come together by this step if you’ve done everything correctly. So, now’s the time to give yourself some liberty and slightly modify anything you’re unsatisfied with. You can also add some sound effects to enhance the project. Once you’re done, save your animation and export it. 


Creating an animation on Procreate is not that big of a deal; you’ll get the hang of it pretty easily. One last tip, keep the Animation Assist option ON throughout your process of animating. 

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