How to Easily Reverse Videos in CapCut for Creative Effects?

Video editing tools are increasingly in demand these days – with the advent of Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, Pinterest, TikTok, etc., every creator needs to crop, trim, edit, adjust, and reverse videos. Capcut is one of the most popular video editing apps; beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike can use it.

Now you can quickly reverse raw videos using Capcut to make funny, creative, and unique videos – and this transition only needs a few easy steps! You can use Capcut with or without the internet, at home, or on the go. And today, we will tell you how you can reverse video in Capcut!

Capcut – What Is it And How To Use?

The video editing tool Capcut has features that can enhance and beautify video content. Capcut is divided into three tabs – editing, Capcut community, and tutorials. Not only do users get a chance to edit, enhance and merge videos to create new projects, but combining videos make it possible to shape videos in a single app. 

You can also take the help of several trending templates that are created by the Capcut community. The tutorials and the production of the community act as new learning opportunities for new creators. Capcut also allows users to export their edited video in several different qualities ranging from as low as 720p to 2k. 

These days, most Videocon creators are using this app on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

How To Reverse Video In Capcut For Android?

In a reversed video, the video plays backward. On your Android device, you can follow the steps to change any video, regardless of size or length.

  • Start the Capcut app.
  • A list of videos on the device will be displayed on the homepage. Click on the video of your choice.
  • Click on Edit and make any adjustments required.
  • Editing is complete; search for the Reverse option on the bottom panel.
  • Tap on Reverse. 
  • Check the output – reversed video – and ensure it is according to your liking.

Users can edit and reverse videos on their iOS devices using the same steps!

How To Reverse Video In Capcut For Windows?

To reverse a video using the Capcut App on PC, go through the following steps:

  • Open the Capcut app. 
  • Click on the New Project tab.
  • Select the Import button.
  • Upload the desired video from your computer to the Capcut app.
  • Now drag the video to the Edit Bar.
  • Go to the Clip feature and select the Edit List option. 
  • Now select Reverse from the drop-down menu.

Mac users use similar steps to reverse videos on the Capcut app efficiently.

Features That Make Capcut Great for Video Editing

Some of the best features of Capcut that make it an essential video editing tool for users include:

  1. Cropping and trimming videos: On this app, you can easily crop and trim videos to fit them in a specific frame or time limit or enhance their aesthetic value.
  2. Single-click transitions: You can create video transitions and combine different videos according to a theme, filter, or template through a single click on this app.
  3. Adjusting video elements and quality: Users can enhance the video elements of the rock capture by adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. They can even choose which video quality to export videos with.
  4. Direct, synced uploads: Creators can directly export the edited video to their social media accounts or YouTube channels from the Capcut app.
  5. Video reversing and sped-ups: Most importantly, Capcut can create high-quality reversed or sped-up videos.


Q. Why can’t I reverse the video on Capcut?

Ans. There can be many reasons why the rivers video feature on Capcut is not working. Mostly this is due to a bug or the lack of enough RAM or disc space. Try clearing the app, closing and reopening it, or uninstalling and installing it again.

Q. How to undo the reverse video function on Capcut?

Ans. To undo the reverse function, the user needs to apply the Reverse tool to the already reverse video so that it can turn back to its original form.

Q. Can I reverse the video in Capcut on Mac?

Ans. Capcut app for Mac is an advanced software that users can download directly from the Mac Apple Store. Users must register for a subscription plan to unlock the app and use the reverse video function.


The Capcut app has given creators the power to change and transform raw captures into high-quality, well-structured content that enables even beginners to compete with advanced creators and grow their following on social media platforms. Capcut reverse video features are used by individual content creators, marketing teams, graphic designers, videographers, students, academicians, etc.

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