How To Fill Color In Goodnotes? – Bring Vibrancy to Your Digital Notes

Goodnotes is a great application that has helped thousands of people worldwide simplify making notes. You need this one app to make all kinds of notes; it is the best “notebook” you can ever have. 

It helps you to keep everything organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. Good notes are the best application amongst its competitors in the market today.

You can take down handwritten notes and include all shapes, colors, and drawings. The handwriting can also be converted into text; you can save and highlight parts of your notes. Let us now venture into how to fill colors in Goodnotes.

Why Add Colors In Goodnotes?

Goodnotes offers a variety of features and methods for adding colors to different notes and documents. You can add all shades of colors to any background or even images. You can either choose from a range of available colors, or you can also create colors of your own choice.

  •  Adding colors to anything makes it look eye-catching and more attractive.
  • Adding colors to your notes can be a wonderful way to make the studying process more interesting and help you understand things in a more fun way, and it can also help you remember things better.
  • Colors are a very important part of Goodnotes, and it can only be imagined with its wide-ranging coloring options.
  • Goodnotes also has features allowing you to draw shapes or other drawings, which can then be filled with colors. You can also make your texts appear more colorful with the help of the various options of Goodnotes.
  • You can give your notes a professional and artistic look and keep them organized. 

In the following sections, let us look at the various features and options involved with adding colors in Good Notes.

Filling Colors In Goodnotes

Filling colors in Goodnotes is a very simple and easy task. To highlight your texts with different colors or add color to any area in your notes, documents, or drawing, follow a sequence of steps explained here.

  • You must first remember to change the size of the highlight/color pens or brushes you will use to color or highlight certain areas of your notes or documents according to your demands. 
  • Then, click on the Tools menu from the menu icon. You must also click on the highlighter/pen/brush to choose from the different shades of colors available.
  • If you want some other color, you can also choose any color of your liking by just pressing on any of the existing colored regions for some time so that a pop-up menu appears. You can then click on the Stroke Colour option to choose from a wider range of shades of colors.
  • Finally, you need to tap on the area on the page where you want to apply the chosen color. The color will get applied automatically.

Coloring Tools

Two coloring tools are available in Goodnotes, which serve their respective purposes. You can get as creative and professional as possible with these nifty, simple-to-use tools. 

The two coloring tools of Goodnotes are the Painting Brush Tool and Pen Tool. The pen tool is perfect for detailed work where you need to draw very thin and fine lines. On the other hand, the brush tool is perfect for quickly coloring large areas on the page. Both of the tools also have many different sizes for your ease.

Advanced Features Of Coloring In Goodnotes

Goodnotes is best known for its top-notch features, and so in the field of colors, too, it does not disappoint. It has multiple features which help bring the best out of your work. 

It allows you to mix and blend various colors while controlling the brightness and saturation of the colors. You can also control the opacity level of the colors.


Goodnotes is a great application for everyone wanting to give their notes or documents a professional look. It can help you stay more organized. 

Goodnotes also allow you to add colors to your notes’ shapes, drawings, and texts. You can also add colors to the background of your page in Goodnotes.

Many people also use the coloring features of Goodnotes to color stress-busting coloring pages with intricate yet relaxing designs. Adding colors to your work in Goodnotes is super easy and helps in giving a creative turn to your work.

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