How to Record Audio and Create Notes in Notability?

How to Record Audio and Create Notes in Notability?

Notability is a powerful note-taking app that allows users to record audio and take notes simultaneously. This app allows you to easily create an organized and comprehensive set of notes for any project or activity.

Step 1

Launch the Notability app on your device and tap “Create New Note.” Select the type of note you want to create (plain text, photo, sketch, etc.), then give it a title.

Step 2

Tap the microphone icon at the top left corner of the screen to begin recording audio. The microphone icon will turn blue when recording is enabled. You can pause or stop recording by tapping the same icon again.

Step 3

To start taking notes while recording audio, tap on the text box and start typing. Notability will automatically sync your notes with the audio recording as you type.

Step 4

After taking notes and recording audio, press “Done” to save your note. You can now access it from the Note List screen or share it with others via email or other sharing apps.


Notability’s audio recording feature is an efficient way for students, teachers, and professionals to keep their notes organized and up-to-date. With this powerful app, users can easily record audio and take notes simultaneously to capture all the important information from lectures or meetings. Whether you are studying for class or taking meeting minutes, Notability has got you covered!

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