How To Split Notepad++ Screen for Efficient Multitasking?

Programmers, text editors, and software developers have come to love Notepad++ software, as this platform makes the best use of all available resources. Notepad++ has many exciting features that allow programmers to multitask and create more informed and well-presented projects.

The Notepad++ split window feature divides the desktop, laptop, or tab screen into different parts so that you can open up two or more files simultaneously. There is also the added benefit of surfing the web to get a real-time idea of where your team needs to improve. In this article, we are discussing how to create a split text file on Notepad++.

What is the Notepad++ Split Screen?

The Notepad++ split window is a feature of the programming and text editing software Notepad++ designed to increase productivity, proficiency, and team alignment within the workplace. Using the Notepad++ side-by-side tabs, creators can work on different aspects of their code simultaneously and handle two other projects together.

This feature also allows users to compare present and past chords and also refer to tutorial codes while working. This feature is mainly dedicated to a smooth workflow and efficiency that gets more stuff done simultaneously.

Notepad++ Split Screen: Step-by-Step Guide

You can launch a split text file using Notepad++ by following the steps. This feature works for one split screen, but you can also use multiple split screens whenever you need the part.

  • Click on Notepad++ on the Desktop or Start Menu.
  • Open two or more files on Notepad++ from the Open option in the File Menu.
  • Go to the View Menu on the taskbar and choose the Split option.
  • Click on the Clone To Other View option from the drop-down menu.

You can now adjust the split screen and give each of the Notepad++side side tabs as much space as you require on the net by dragging the dividing line between the two hours of the split text file.

Continue these steps to get as many Notepad++ split windows as you require.

Advantages of Using the Notepad++ Split Window

You should use the Notepad++ side-by-side tabs if you are looking for the following benefits:

Notepad++ on mac

Clarity of Vision

A split text file’s essential but unique innovation allows users to look at the larger picture while working on different codes. This is a necessary prerequisite for clarity when complex projects are in question.

Multitasking on the Text Edit

When working as a text editor, it can be efficient and productive to edit different aspects of the code together. You can also edit two or more projects simultaneously to save time.

Personalized Split-Screen View

The Notepad++ split window allows users to customize the number of screens required, the amount of space assigned to each screen, and which tab will occupy which side of the Notepad++ window.

Integrating and Merging Different Codes

Notepad++ side-by-side tabs are mainly used when there is a need to integrate codes or merge them within the software so that each code fits seamlessly with the whole project. This is the most critical area where the Notepad++ side-by-side tabs shine brighter than any other alternative today!

Why is my Notepad++ Split Screen Not Working?

The split text file feature on this platform might not work due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of disc space
  • Bug in the software
  • Virus or unknown cache in the system
  • Need for software update

If you have not received any result from the standard method of creating Notepad++ side-by-side tabs, try using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W+S. If that does not work, try to clean the disk space and the system. Ultimately, you should uninstall and reinstall the Notepad++ app. 


Q. How can I do side by side comparison on Notepad++?

Ans. Open two files together on Notepad++. Go to the Compare tab and click on Compare Menu option. Select Plugins to view. 

Q. How to split horizontal view in Notepad++?

Ans. The shortcut to open a horizontal view on Notepad++ is to enter Ctrl+W+S after choosing the two files you want to compare.

Q. What is the Notepad move to the other view shortcut?

Ans. To move to the other view on Notepad++, you can press the F8 key. This works when multiple tabs are open instead of there being Notepad++side side tabs.

Q. How to remove the split screen in Notepad++?

Ans. To remove the Notepad++ split window, press Ctrl+Alt+D.


Creating the split text file mode on Notepad++ is easy and can be achieved using the standard method or shortcuts. You can give your project comparative excellence and add it or work on both projects simply by placing them on the screen.

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