How to Use and Import Custom Planning Templates Inside of GoodNotes?

How to Use and Import Custom Planning Templates Inside of GoodNotes?

Custom planning templates give you the power to quickly and easily create a plan with specific goals, tasks and reminders. With GoodNotes for iOS, you can insert custom planning templates into your notes so that you always have them readily available. Here’s how to use custom planning templates inside of GoodNotes.

Analog vs Digital Planning:

Analog planning involves writing your goals and tasks in a paper planner or notebook. With digital planning, you can create custom templates that you can save and reuse over and over again. Digital planning also allows for better organization since all your documents are stored digitally, making it easy to search for specific notes or tasks.

How to Use Custom Planning Templates Inside GoodNotes?

  1. Open the GoodNotes app on your device and select the “+” icon to create a new note.
  2. Choose from one of the many built-in template categories such as Planner, Notebook, Calendar, etc., then select “Custom Template” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. A list of custom templates will appear. Select the one you want to use, and it will open a new document in GoodNotes.
  4. You can now begin adding your tasks, goals, and reminders to the template. These will be saved along with the template so you can easily access them later.
  5. When you’ve finished planning, save the note and close out of GoodNotes for easy access later.

How to Import Custom Planning Templates in GoodNotes?

Step 1: Install the Template

First, download the template from a website or marketplace like Etsy. Make sure it is compatible with GoodNotes and formatted as an image file (e.g., JPG or PNG). Once downloaded, open it in the Files app and save it on your device in whatever folder you prefer.

Step 2: Insert the Template into Your Notebook

Now open GoodNotes, go to the notebook you want to insert the template into and tap on the plus sign (+) at the top right. Select “Insert Photo or Video” and choose the template you just saved. Then hit “Insert”.

Step 3: Customize Your Template

You can now start customizing your template by adding text, drawing, etc. GoodNotes allows you to make all kinds of changes so that you can create a plan that’s perfect for your needs. You can also add shapes, lines and arrows, as well as images from your library or camera roll. Once you’re done editing your plan, save it in GoodNotes, and you’ll always have it readily available whenever you need it.


Creating a plan with custom planning templates in GoodNotes is quick and easy. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have your plan ready to use whenever you need it. So give it a try and see how it can help you reach your goals!

Now that you know how to use custom planning templates inside GoodNotes get started creating your plans today!

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