How To Use Mematic On PC? – Create Viral Memes in Minutes

Memes are a staple way of sharing thoughts, laughs, and ideas with one another – at least among the millennials and Gen Z. Every social media user relies on memes for that daily dose of fun. Clever memes created using the efficient Mematic app can be an innovative way for businesses and brands to connect with an audience online.

You can use the beginner-friendly, affordable Mematic app to experiment with different humor styles and send some adorable content to friends. Mematic is available for Android, and you can access it even on your browser through a simple login. Does this mean users cannot enjoy a Mematic PC experience? In this article, we will discuss the two easy methods of downloading the Mematic app for your desktop.

Learn How To Download & Use Mematic App on PC

Mematic PC can be a great upgrade for regular creators who need multiple memes daily for their social media platform. The PC version allows users to multitask and upload content directly. It also allows for more artistic freedom.

Method 1 – Using Mematic App on PC Through Mod APK

  • Open your Google Chrome browser and search for ‘Mematic PC mod apk’.
  • Carefully go through all descriptions and select the version you wish to download.
  • Click on the Download Button. The apk file will be available on your device within a few seconds.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and select the Mematic app mod APK file.
  • Right-click on them to install and run the APK files on your device.
  • In another 10 seconds, the modified apk app will be ready to run!

Method 2 – Using Mematic App on PC Through BlueStacks

  • Go to the official BlueStacks website. 
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully. Now click on the Download Button.
  • Once the software has been downloaded, go to the Downloads folder and right-click on the BlueStacks ZIP files to install them.
  • Your desktop will request Permission for BlueStacks ‘to change your device’. Click on Yes and select the Install button.
  • Within a few seconds, BlueStacks will be ready for use.
  • Double-click on the software to open it. Locate the Google Play search button on the homepage.
  • Type ‘Mematic’ in the search box. BlueStacks will show you the Mematic Android app.
  • Install the Mematic app on your BlueStacks software. This Android emulator will enable you to run the app on your PC!

Mind-Blowing Features of Mematic App

Mematic is one of the most popular meme-making apps out there. It has built-in templates, unique features, and affordable subscription plans for regular content creators.

Wide Collection of Tools

Mematic online and app versions are loaded with a wide collection of features and tools, including all standard layouts, trendy fonts, useful templates, and even picture editing and adjusting palettes.

Lightweight, Multitasking Application

Mematic is, by nature, a lightweight application that will only take up a little space on your phone or your PC. Being lightweight, it can easily work in the background, and transferring different artistic creations to your meme-making app for a good finish becomes super easy.

Simple Interface

The app is super easy to use, and even if you have never experimented with meme editors before, you can still navigate the app easily. Tools are categorized to maximize efficiency. Users can make edits with a single click.

Upload Memes Directly

You can finish your creation and directly upload it to multiple social media and websites simultaneously using your Mematic PC app. Using your standard Wi-Fi or mobile data plan, you can upload content within a few seconds.

Mematic App Alternatives

While the Mematic app is irreplaceable for most users, there are some worthy meme-making alternatives that you can choose when your Mematic PC just isn’t available.

1. Meme Maker

This application is dedicated to both meme-making and GIF creation! If you love using crazy fonts and are interested in retro or minimalistic meme aesthetics, you will find everything you want on Meme Maker. This app resembles Mematic, with almost the same features and tools. The best thing is you can use this app for free!

2. Memeto

Memeto has been designed by Appexel App Maker, who constantly works to keep the features and even the software itself updated. This app is a go-to for those needing the trendiest templates and font sizes. This app has also been designed to maximize the speed of creation.


A brand new take on the world of meme creation, Spermeme thinks an AI can bring just the twist and spice you need for your big break! By entering simple commands and inspirations, this app can create brand new memes for you – its witty play of words and amazing choice of images is indeed fascinating! The subscription is rather affordable at 9.99 USD per month.


Q. Is the Mematic app available for free?

Ans. Mematic is a free app that you can use to create any meme you want. It doesn’t even require a login. 

Q. What makes Mematic unique?

Ans. Mematic has a great set of tools and some unique fonts. The app generates high-quality memes that can be converted into social media posts and stickers. Its commendable performance and high generation speed sets it apart from other apps.

Q. How can I download Mematic for PC?

Ans. As a PC user, you can download Mematic Mod APK or access the Android Mematic app using Android emulator software.

Q. How much space does Mematic take on the PC?

Ans. Mematic only takes about 8.1 MB of space on a device.

Q. Is Mematic Online better than the app version?

Ans. Mematic Online app can generate funny memes with top filters, fonts, and layouts. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but have an overall similar performance.


While the Android version of the Mematic is completely similar to the Mematic PC, the free and subscription versions of Mematic online include some extra facilities. Following the steps listed above, you can easily procure Mematic for your PC and use it more conveniently!

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