How to Use Procreate? – Pro Tips To Get Started

How to Use Procreate? – Pro Tips To Get Started

Procreate is a robust graphic design and illustration application for Apple devices like the iPad. It is excellent for creating digital art, editing photos, and quickly drawing anything you can imagine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, here are some tips to help you make the most of Procreate.

1. Get Familiar With The Interface:

Before starting to work in Procreate, you must familiarize yourself with the interface to understand when to use it efficiently. Before diving into your work, take some time to explore all the menus, options, and tools available.

2. Use Layers & Masks:

Procreate’s best features are the ability to use layers and masks. Layers allow you to break up your art into smaller sections, while masks make applying changes to only certain parts of a layer easier. Masks are beneficial if you’re working with photos or complex designs.

3. Use Color Palettes:

If you’re having trouble deciding on colors for your artwork, Procreate’s built-in color palettes can help immensely. You can also create custom palettes from colors you’ve previously used in other works or even import palettes from websites like Adobe Color.

4. Utilize Symmetry Tools:

One of the best features of Procreate is its symmetry tools, which allow you to quickly and easily create symmetrical designs. You can set up a horizontal, vertical, or radial symmetry line to help you draw perfect shapes and patterns in minutes.

5. Export Your Work:

Once you’re done with your artwork, Procreate makes it easy to export into different formats for sharing and printing. You can use the built-in Gallery feature to save your art as PNG or JPG files or even upload it directly to social media sites like Instagram without going through a third-party app.


With its intuitive interface, powerful tools, and endless possibilities for creative expression, Procreate is an invaluable asset for any artist looking to make digital art on their android and windows device. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll soon be creating incredible works of art.

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