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Regarding video-editing apps, iMovie is among the top items on the list. You can create striking and creative movies from random videos on your apple devices. It is the best video editing program that an iOS user can find. It is free and already included among the default apps that your iPad, iPhone or MacBook comes with. But how can you experience all of these services and features on your Windows PC? iMovie, a large portion of different iOS applications, isn’t accessible for windows, android, or some other working framework. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no way you can get iMovie on a PC; you need to follow a few simple steps given in this article to achieve that.

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How to Download iMovie for Windows?

To quickly download and install iMovie on Windows PC, you will need to go through the steps given below and follow them as is. We will list the steps to help you download iMovie on your PC using the iPadian emulator. Before we get into the steps, here’s a quick disclaimer, the iPadian emulator is reliable and safe but has a few bugs and performance-related issues. Regardless, the iPadian emulator works just fine. 

  1. Switch on your PC, and open any web browser of your choice. Search for the iPadian emulator. 
  2. Go to the official website of iPadian and download it using the link provided. The download cycle could take a short time.
  3. After the document is downloaded, go to your records and quest for the apk that you recently downloaded.
  4. Double tap on the downloaded document of iPadian; this will launch the establishment.
  5. If you’ve followed all the steps until here, you’re done downloading iPandian on your PC; now, let’s look into iMovie for windows.
  6. On your desktop, double-click on the iPadian icon. 
  7. After double-clicking, it may take a while for the iPadian emulator to start; have patience; it will take a comparatively lesser time if your device has higher RAM.
  8. You’ll have to log in when the app starts using your apple ID. Enter all your details and log in. 
  9. Now, open the app store. 
  10. You’re done with the download process; go to the app store and search for the iMovie app.  
  11. Introduce the application, which is all there is; you can now begin utilizing iMovie on your Windows PC.

Features of iMovie 

iMovie is packed with fun and innovative editing options that’ll help you make the most of your editing skills. If you’re new to iMovie, below are some of the note-worthy features in the app that you must try out without fail. 

iMovie Logo Icon

  • In a good movie, both audio and video play a very significant role. So, with the help of all the music, sound effects and voice overs, you can not only make your movie look better but sound better as well. 
  • You can amount to 10 video channels to upgrade the appearance and nature of your film.
  • iMovie has a ton of amazing styles and fonts that can be used to create a magnificent title for your masterpiece. 
  • On iMovie, you will come across features that would otherwise be available only on premium video editing softwares. 
  • You can do a lot of things like changing the speed on certain aspects of your video which will enhance the drama or the suspense of the scene. As long as you have the creative excellence, iMovie is literally all you’ll need to create a spectacular video or movie. 

Alternatives to iMovie for Windows

In order to carry out iMovie download for Windows 10 or any other version, you’ll need to go through the same steps. In any case, you will most likely be unable to effectively run iMovie on your PC utilizing the iPadian emulator. This could occur because of a wide range of reasons.
If iPadian is not working out for you, don’t worry, you can still work on your movie through other similar apps. There’s a plethora of different video editing apps on the present day market, and deciding on a good one can get a little complicated sometimes. If you are among our many readers that’s struggling to find a good app for their movie edits, the below suggestions might just be the right thing. 

Filmora Video Editor 

Filmora has an overall collection of 300+ video editing options and different effects that you can use in your videos. Many video editing apps do not support all video formats, which can be an issue when you’re in a situation where only a specific video format is required. With Filmora, you can also upload your video to YouTube or any other similar platform in 4K quality. Generally, it’s a decent application for video altering and is likewise outstandingly simple to utilize.

WinX Video converter 

You can use WinX as a video editing software and also make use of it to convert your video from one format to another. The highlights in this application are all totally allowed to utilize and entirely open. WinX is the ideal application for a novice with highlights that are extremely simple to utilize. This app also supports 4K videos, you can create and share 4K videos to different platforms. Video effects, codecs and a ton of other filters and different fun stuff are available for you to use for free on WinX. 

Movavi Video Editor  

If you are looking for something that is identical to iMovie, Movavi is possibly the closest you can get. Whether you’re a beginner, a professional or someone with mediocre knowledge of video editing, Movavi is capable of catering to all your needs. With an easily understandable interface and a wide variety of different filters and features, Movavi is one of the best video editing apps you’ll find on the market today. 


Can I use iMovie on Windows?

No, iMovie only works for MacOS and iOS devices. But, if you want to get iMovie maker for Windows, you can do so by downloading the iPadian emulator.

How much does iMovie cost? 

iMovie is an entirely free software, you can directly download and start using all the features on the app without paying a dime. 

How do I get iMovie on Windows? 

In order to start using iMovie on a Windows device, you’ll first have to download iPadian or any other similar iOS emulator and proceed through the emulator. 

Are there any other programs like iMovie for Windows? 

There are a lot of other video altering applications like iMovie that are accessible for windows. Filmora, WinX and Movavi are a few suggestions. 


That is all we’ve got in our article today, from the download steps to get iMovie on windows to some alternatives to the app, we’ve covered everything. Download iMovie using iPadian or go for an alternative app, whatever your choice is, we hope you have an amazing video editing experience. 

iMovie is among the best video editing softwares that you’ll possibly find and getting it in windows is definitely one hell of a process. iMovie for windows was initially discontinued in 2017 and there’s no update on the situation as of now, but you can still download and use it by making use of the steps given above. 

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