Intel Unison For Windows 10 & 11: Free Download in 2023

Intel Unison PC app is an amazing software designed to connect the PC to Android devices that can facilitate seamless conversion from one device to another during any work session. It lets users switch between devices without worrying about syncing or file transfers.

Intel Unison is a software that almost any user can benefit from who finds themselves working on projects on the go, involving different devices, or needing multiple file formats. Intel Unison automatically syncs, converts, manages, reformats, and makes setup changes for better and speedier delivery of work when multiple devices are being used. Thanks to this amazing application, you can simultaneously use different tools on different devices!

Some many other fascinating tools and tricks constitute Intel Unison. This application has been created for Windows and Android, which, unfortunately, means they do not work on Mac and IOS devices. Wondering if Intel unis and available for Windows 10? Currently, Intel Unison is compatible with Windows 10 and above.

Now, let us look at the best methods of download and usage. 

Name  Intel Unison For Windows
Compatibility Windows 11 & 10
Size 61 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

Download Intel Unison for Windows (Step-by-Step)

Currently, the Intel Unison PC app even works on devices that do not have an Intel processor! Now let us look at how to download Intel Unison for Windows.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Intel Unison app for your phone.
  • Similarly, you would need another copy of the app on your Windows PC. You can find the suitable app on Microsoft App Store or the official Intel website.
  • Click on the Install button to download the app.
  • Click on the app to open it and log in with your credentials.
  • Repeat the Login steps on your PC.
  • Confirm your email ID by clicking the link sent to your email by Intel.
  • Sync your phone and PC and confirm the lining process by checking the device folders and SMS facility on your PC
  • Your Intel Unison is good to go now!

Intel Unison downloads for Windows 11 are the same as the other versions, except for a few differences in how the app stores itself. 

Key Attributes Of Intel Unison

Increases Performance Speed

The complete looking of two devices allowed users to work on projects, documents, images, and audio files and implement strategies with other team members at a lightning-fast speed. 

Easy and Attractive Interface

Intel Unison believes in a no-nonsense, easy-to-use interface where features can be accessed with a single click. The efficiency and convenience of this software make working on any project a dream.

Making Communication Easy

The most brilliant capability of this application that makes it so reliable is its ability to communicate in detail with anyone and share media with a single click from both devices. Switching devices provides a better layout and greater freedom to express oneself. 

Collaborates with Other Applications Seamlessly

Intel Unison works best on PCs with Intel processors, but it still can seamlessly work with all other standard PC software built for Windows. 

It can support almost all standard file formats making it a reliable tool for emergency tasks. This, in turn, increases the versatility of the Android device. 

Top 3 Alternatives To Intel Unison

1. Phone Link

Phone Link is a competitor to Intel Unison in quick and effective communication. It has a larger set of facilities when it comes to calling and can perform preassigned communication tasks like group emails and timed SMS easily. 

It also can link to other combination applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. Video calls are made super simply on the Phone Link. However, it is predominantly designed for highly detailed communication and is not the most suitable for sharing files across the software. 

Note that Intel Unison tops Phone Link when it comes to that. 

2. Joist

Joist is a software predominantly marketed towards construction management, but these days, it is used for professionals in every industry imaginable. It can link all communication modes at the same place and be used on IOS and Android devices in the same manner, and all can be connected! 

Unlike Intel Unison, you can also use this software to connect to multiple PCs or phones. It can create logical estimates and even send invoices when required. It can record payments, messages, and calls and even manage projects according to the user’s needs.

3. Intel Unite

Intel Unite is designed for iOS compared to Intel Unison which caters to Windows users. It has an even larger set of facilities available to users since it can use the facilities provided by iCloud. 

Intel Unite only allows you to connect to one iOS and one Mac device. However, the connectivity for calls and SMS is seamless and unique. At the same time, a lack of an Intel Processor on Mac makes it impossible for the software to use all devices.


Q. Is Intel Unison free software?

Intel Unison is free software; no subscriptions are required to install or use it.

Q. How many PCs can Intel Unison connect to?

Intel Unison can connect to only one PC, a major drawback of this software.

Q. What is the best alternative to Intel Unison for iOS?

The best alternative to this software for IOS is Intel Unite.

Q. Which app is Intel Unison’s biggest competitor regarding communication strategy?

Intel Unison faces tough competition from its alternative Phone Link, which offers tools for better communication strategy and records information at a higher level of detail.


Intel Unison is the best solution to syncing complications among team members working from remote areas or supervising tasks at one or more workstations. It can be used to buy teams and groups of professionals and students to share, edit and communicate with one another with zero obstacles. Several other alternatives to this amazing software include different ways to make connecting way easier than before!

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