Lorex Cloud for PC Windows 11/10/7 App Download (Free 2023)

Monitoring your security system has become easier than ever with the Lorex Cloud. It has become a top video surveillance software that allows you to monitor all the recorded live videos of your security cameras. If you plan to download Lorex cloud for PC, you are in luck today. You can install the software on your desktop or laptop to connect your home or business security network and monitor all the movements.

Installing the Lorex Cloud app for PC is an excellent way to make monitoring and navigation easier. Here is our complete guide to downloading the App on your Windows or Mac system.

Name  Lorex Cloud for PC Windows
Compatibility Windows 7 or later
Size 103 MB
Bug Test 100% Safe & Secured
License Type Free

How to Download Lorex Cloud for PC?

Downloading Lorex Cloud PC is very simple. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step method. Here we go!

Step 1: Look for System Requirements

First, you must meet the system requirement for downloading Lorex Cloud on your system or laptop. Make sure to fulfil all of them to avoid system or software issues. It would help to have a windows 7/8/10/11 operating system with Intel or AMD processor (1 GHz or higher) and 2GB Ram.

Step 2: Download Bluestacks

You can choose an emulator like Bluestacks to download the App on your PC. Visit the official website of Bluestacks to start downloading the software and follow the instructions to install it properly. It will help if you double-click the download icon to start the download. Once installed, log in to your Google play ID to download the Lorex Windows app.

Step 3: Download Lorex App

Now search for the Lorex Cloud app in Bluestacks to start downloading on your system. The App will be downloaded within seconds and ensure a stable internet connection. Now click on the run and finish the setup.

Step 4: Launch Lorex Cloud for PC

After installing Lorex Cloud on your system or laptop, you can launch the software from your desktop or Start Menu. Launching the software will prompt you to log in with your Lorex Cloud account credentials.

Step 5: Connect and Configure Cameras

As you install the Lorex App for your system and finish the setup, it is time to connect your cameras. You can follow the on-screen instructions and popups to connect your security system. You must enter the device ID and password for each camera you want to connect and monitor.

Step 6: Access Your Cameras

Once you connect and configure your camera to Lorex Cloud App, it is time to access your cameras. You can view multiple cameras in a single interface and configure the settings for a smooth layout and functioning of your camera feeds.

Features of the Lorex Cloud App

 Here are the salient features of the App to let you connect to your security system:

  • Lorex Cloud lets you view live videos from your security cameras in real-time.
  • It allows you to monitor from anywhere using an internet-connected device.
  • The software lets you view playback videos to help view past events and incidents anytime.
  • It sends a quick alert to owners whenever a security breach happens with the help of motion control sensors.
  • It also supports two-way audio to let you listen in and speak to anyone near the camera
  • It supports multiple cameras for monitoring different areas of your home or workplace.

Top 3 Alternatives to Lorex Cloud

Are you looking for similar security system software for your home or workplace? Have a look at these top alternatives to Lorex Cloud:

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is one of the most popular video surveillance software known for its innovative features. You can monitor multiple cameras remotely and get an alert when a security breach occurs. Undoubtedly, one of the best alternatives you can go for with continuous recording and motion-triggered recording.


Another great Lorex App for PC alternatives is ZoneMinder. You can get this free, open-source video surveillance software to access and monitor your surveillance system at your fingertips. Also, it supports several recording options like live viewing and motion sensors.


iSpy is an excellent security system software that lets you easily monitor all your security cameras. It includes some great features like Lorex Cloud to make your monitoring easier.


Q. Does the Lorex Cloud App work on PC?

Lorex Cloud is compatible with Windows and MAC PC.

Q. Can I make Lorex Cloud PC Download Directly?

No, you cannot download the App directly on your system. Instead, you need an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player to download on your Windows or Mac PC.

Q. Can I view my cameras from anywhere using Lorex Cloud?

You can view your cameras from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Q. How many cameras can I connect to Lorex Cloud?

The Lorex Cloud desktop version supports multiple cameras to let you monitor your security system smoothly.


Lorex Cloud For PC is an incredible software designed to make monitoring security cameras more accessible and convenient. It is versatile and user-friendly software to help you track and monitor your security system from anywhere. You can set up the App quickly on your system using an emulator like Bluestacks. Follow our guide to set up the App on your PC and monitor your security system. If you want to monitor by switching between multiple tabs, it is worth considering.

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