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The design and illustration world has never been as versatile as it is today. The demand for great commercial art is multiplying, finding a place in the digital world like never before. Thumbnails, virtual posters, digital album covers, and social media posts all use a standard software – Microsoft Publisher. 

This software and application is the leading answer to all professional layout, design, and communication needs worldwide. Being a Microsoft product, however, this award-winning software has been developed only for Windows. 

Does that mean that as a Mac user, you will have to miss out on the unique features and tools this software has? Not anymore. This is your ultimate sign to combine your Mac device’s great display and performance with the publication software by downloading Microsoft Office Publisher for Mac today.

Name  Microsoft Publisher For Mac
Compatibility macOS
Downloads 1M+
Bug Test Passed (100% Safe) ✅
License Type Free

Download Microsoft Office Publisher For Mac

Complete your Microsoft Publisher for Mac free download process without further delay by following the steps below. Early access to premium software like Microsoft Publisher will help you gather expert knowledge right at the beginning of your journey.

To do this, you will need two subscriptions

  1. A Parallels subscription at 99.99 USD a year
  2. Office 365 subscription registered under your name at 69.99 USD a year.


  • Open your Parallels app and search for Windows. Click on the Install button to install Windows 11 on your Mac.
  • Open the Apple browser and sign in to Office 365. You will find that Microsoft Publisher is included in your Office 365 subscription.
  • Navigate to the Start button and search for “Microsoft Publisher”. Double-click on it.
  • Microsoft Publisher workstation will open. No, you can use it to create personal or professional projects all year.

Key Elements

Should you opt for Microsoft Publisher for Mac? Elaboration on its main features will help you choose better.

An Unparalleled Selection of Tools

The Microsoft Publisher for MacOs will bring you exquisite tools to help you create professional-level graphics and typography in record-breaking time. It surpasses all competition regarding the variety and efficiency of its tools.

Microperfect Finishing

The developers of Microsoft Publisher software recognized the importance of detail-oriented work and created a platform that supported the highest number of pixels. You can easily create HD quality publications on this platform and give form to work that stands out on social media and in real life for its microcosmic and vibrant finishing.

Beginner-Friendly Interface

Of course, you will need some artistic caliber and experience to navigate through Microsoft Office Publisher for Mac. That being said, anyone who is associated with the field but is not an authentic, experienced commercial artist can make great quality products on this software. 

The user interface is clean and minimalistic. Tools have straightforward names and work smoothly. Most importantly, learning new skills comes naturally on this platform. 

Integrated with Email, Social Media, and More

You can directly export your creation to different social media apps and email compositions from the Microsoft Publisher workstation. Collaborating with your team has been more accessible than ever – you can share the screen while you work or make changes simultaneously while you communicate with your team.

Similar Software To Microsoft Publisher

As mentioned above, the Microsoft Publisher for Mac’s free download process might only work out for some. If you are a Mac user and cannot find a way to access Microsoft Publisher, here are some excellent alternatives that will fulfil all your needs.


One of the best modern-day publishers for Mac OS has to be Canva. This versatile platform can be used on any device, whether Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. The user interface is addictive, and you will find yourself pushing your limits while working on this exceptional application. 

Canva comes in both mobile app and desktop software formats. The app has different fonts, elements, templates, etc., that you can purchase or use for free and customize to meet your needs. Canva is a platform more suited for beginners than avid professionals, but it suits the needs of any simple creation.


Marq is a lesser-known publisher app, a newcomer to the industry, but it has made quite a name. It is the most lightweight and flexible publisher app out there that still meets the requirement of a professional. It hosts almost every standard document layout. 

It is preferred by publishers who work on journals, magazines, newsletters, etc., because Marq is genuinely excellent with typography. The premium version unlocks some unique tools and features, along with a long list of fonts, graphic elements, etc., that can compete with the library at Microsoft Publisher.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a full-fledged publisher for Mac that is a lifesaver for those experienced professionals who cannot access Microsoft Publisher. However, this software is more expensive and a bit heavier. On the other hand, it comes closest to Microsoft Publisher because it includes almost the same tools and layout features. 

The software delivers content of excellent production quality and is the only facility that can meet the ROI as fast as Microsoft Publisher does. The app is more oriented towards structured creations than experimental designs.


Why is Microsoft Publisher so popular?

Microsoft Publisher software is popular because it is an advanced workstation that can produce some of the best quality commercial artwork at a much lower subscription price when compared with similar software by Adobe or CoralDraw.

Which software is the best Microsoft Publisher alternative?

The best Microsoft Publisher alternative is Adobe InDesign. It has a similar user interface and feature collection and is popular among professionals.

Is Microsoft Publisher free to use?

To use the Microsoft Publisher software, you have to purchase it. Currently, the software is valued at 159.99 USD.


Microsoft Office Publisher for Mac can be a great way to actualize highly-experimental, intensive ideas. Even when this software is unavailable, users can benefit from the many capable alternatives we have introduced in this article. What has your experience with Microsoft Publisher been like? Let us know in the comment box below.

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