Notepad++ For Mac: Download & Installation Guide (Free Version)

Notepad++ is perhaps one of the best upgrades that ever happened to Notepad. If you are a programmer, the chances are you have been using Notepad for a while now and are aware of how useful this application can be for running codes and editing existing programs. 

Notepad++ brings a lot more to this space with syntax highlighting, multi-document editing, multiple programming language editing and writing, bookmarks, auto-competition, and much more. 

That said, Notepad++ is not a commercial creation but rather an open-source application that is enriched by the collective endeavor of the whole community. It is based on the editing element Scintilla and is designed in such a way that it can be a useful programming tool both for beginners and adept programmers and designers. 

Unfortunately, however, Notepad for Mac does not exist and it is not sure if such a version will ever come out. Actually, Notepad++ by Nature cannot run without the Win32 API interface, which makes running it on Mac OS almost impossible.

The software can be rewritten using some emulators and machine learning systems. In this article, we will be discussing how we can make this happen.

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License Type Free

How to Download & Install Notepad++ on MacOS?

Some amazing rewriting and layering applications can still make it possible to run the Notepad app on Mac OS, such as through Wine and VMware. Let us briefly see how to download Notepad++ on Mac using Wine.

  • Go to the official Wine website and download the Wine Stable application.
  • Double-click the installer to be guided to a new installation process.
  • Create a C: Drive to store the additional Windows applications.
  • Starts installing the Windows applications by typing “winecfg” on the installation terminal.
  • Download Notepad++ from the official website.
  • Go to the virtual Windows directory. Install the Notepad++ .exe file by typing “wine file-name.exe” on the installation terminal. 
  • You will now be able to open Notepad++ through the virtual Windows directory itself.

Advantages of Using Notepad++

Similar to Notepad

Notepad++ being quite similar to Notepad for Mac makes it easier for beginner and intermediate programmers to switch to a more modern solution without having to re-learn how to use the software itself. What this also means is that this application comes with all the unique features that were already being offered by Notepad.

Integrating multiple programming languages

Integrating multiple programming languages makes the software not only amazingly efficient but also ever-ready for the changing atmosphere of the virtual world. This facility also allows programmers to think creatively and stretch the boundaries of the coding world to bring changes to existing software and applications like never before. Multiple programming languages make the work of programming teams seamless and unique.

Highly compatible library of plugins

Notepad++ has the most comprehensive library of compatible plugins but most of them are designed to work on Windows. With elements like Wine however, the dormant Windows applications which are now a part of your Mac OS will make it possible to run these plugins on your Mac device, therefore enabling this software to work to the best of its potential. Many of these plugins are designed to add twists to regular websites and apps.

Amazing Text Editor

Notepad++ boasts an amazingly qualified text editor that makes it possible to identify, locate and solve all coding complexities with a single click. You can rewrite codes and insert edits into any area of the text block while on the go. As we said before this application also comes with syntax highlighting which makes the whole process of revising the code and editing them a lot more convenient. Notepad++ for Mac benefits hugely through the existence of a text editor that can implement edits in real time and handle multi-document changes. 

Best Alternatives to Notepad++

There are many suitable Notepad equivalents for Mac in the market, although some of them differ from others as well as the latest Notepad++ when it comes to some minor details.

1. CodeRunner

CodeRunner believes that efficiency is closely related to speed. It has a simple but affected user interface that makes it easy to read through one’s text block and make changes wherever required. CodeRunner is a close competitor of Notepad++ for Mac because it comes with a construction arrangement that is designed to work flawlessly on the Mac OS, while it also manages multiple document editing and multiple programming language text blocks just as well as Notepad++ does.

2. Textmate

Textmate offers guides and suggestions to programmers while writing and highlights any area that seems suspicious. It also comes with an additional option for syntax highlighting which can further simplify the process of editing and rearing codes once the project is initially complete. 

It works as a customizable text editor and has one of the most comprehensive lists of programming languages it can support. Surprisingly this is also completely free software designed in an open-source manner but done so, especially for the Mac OS 10.12 or even more latest versions. 

3. Sublime Text

Sublime text can edit and revise codes, markups, and prose. It comes with an ultra-modern design and some unusual features that you will not find on any other text editor. A new version of the sublime text has also been released for the mobile phone which can be synced with your device so that you can work on your project anywhere at any point in time. 

It is a tough competitor to Notepad++ but perhaps even better given the natural affinity it shows towards the Mac OS system. The free situation however does not make the app free of advertisements and it also needs constant updates to keep working to the best of its potential.


Q. Why does Notepad++ not run on Mac OS?

Notepad app for Mac is not available because this application needs Win32 API to run and most of the plugins are compatible with the Windows system.

Q. What are some applications that can make Notepad++ run on Mac OS?

Some applications that can make Notepad++ run on Mac OS are Wine and VMware.

Q. Is Notepad++ a free application?

This is completely free software that has been kept open source and is constantly enriched by the contribution of the users themselves.

Q. What is the best Notepad++ alternative for document editing on Mac OS?

The best Notepad equivalent to Mac is the Text Mate application.


Notepad for Mac can be a lifesaver for those who prefer to work on their Mac devices because of the easy-to-use interface and the amazing speed that Mac OS is known to be able to provide. If your ambition is to create programs that run on a Mac device it is best to use these platforms to create them.

Notepad++ can launch programmers into a world of success and accomplishments by making you ready for the changing world of web apps and programming.

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