Nox vs BlueStacks: Which Emulator is Best for You?

If you’re someone who is a crazy game lover and enjoys playing Android games, you must be aware of Android emulators. They make playing Android games on the computer super simple and easy. With the help of these, you can play even those games on your PC which usually may not be compatible with your computer.

BlueStacks and Nox emulators are probably the best Android emulators at present. Both of these are widely used and offer amazing features, that too free of cost, although there are some paid versions for both. So it can often be quite tricky when it comes to between Nox or BlueStacks. Let us compare these two Android emulators and find out which one stands out more.

What Is Nox Or Nox Player?


Noxplayer, better known as Nox, was developed by a team based in Hong Kong. It was first released back in 2015, four years after the release of BlueStacks. However, it grew rapidly in popularity and soon could catch up to BlueStacks. It presently has over 150 million downloads.

It is one of the top Android emulators of today as it also allows one to run high FPS games on their PC. It is also very lightweight and has many features which have ultimately made it successful. Overall, it gives an amazing gaming experience.

What Is BlueStacks?


BlueStacks is one of the oldest and is one of the earliest Android emulators to have been released. It is also one of the best-known Android emulators. BlueStacks was released back in 2009, by some famous developers who have also previously worked for McAfee,, and more. 

BlueStacks offers a very high-speed gaming experience and can run over 150 million apps easily. The setup of BlueStacks is extremely fast and easy. Using BlueStacks makes it look exactly like you’re using an Android smartphone but on a big screen. 

Comparing Nox And BlueStacks

Comparing the two most popular Android emulators can be a hefty task. Both are extremely well-known and are loved for their remarkable features and have users in millions! 


Android emulators, in general, are safe, however, one needs to be careful of the source from where they are downloading the emulator. As long as one is as careful with the emulators, as they are with usual computer programs, everything is fine and okay.

When we talk about BlueStacks and Nox, we have to remember that it is suggested to disable the firewall or virus defenders, while installing BlueStacks. This is because the anti-virus software always detects BlueStacks as malware. However, installing Nox does not require any such steps. So we can say that Nox is better in this category.


BlueStacks is better when it comes to performance. It has several features which make it better than all the Android emulators in the market in this field. Its LayerCake technology and 6 times faster speed have made it the top choice for gamers. However, if you lack a high-end system, BlueStacks won’t be a good choice as it doesn’t work well on low-end PCs. 

Nox on the other hand, works smoothly even in the low-end PCs. It runs high FPS games without any issues and is also quite fast and is also light in weight.

System Requirements

System requirements for Bluestacks are comparatively more complex. It can be installed both on Windows and Mac. However, you cannot install BlueStacks on older versions of Windows and can only install it on versions above Windows 7. Higher-end processors are suggested for BlueStacks. The PC must have a minimum of 2GB RAM and free space of up to 5 GB.

As we know, Nox does not need high-end computers and works well on low-end PCs. Nox can even be installed in Windows XP. There should be 1.5 GB RAM and available disk space of at least 3 GB.


BlueStacks is clearly heavier for installation and needs a minimum of 2 GB RAM. Its size is also larger than Nox by 100 MB. This also does give BlueStacks more unique features. 

Nox on the other hand is lightweight and is easier to install and use and is clearly more user-friendly. It needs only 1GB RAM.

Legal Issues

All Android emulators can be called legal and illegal. They do not officially fall under OS. 

BlueStacks and Nox are hence both illegal in that sense. But they are socially accepted. BlueStacks has an advantage over Noxplayer in this. BlueStacks is made by famous developers and has the backing of popular companies like Samsung. 


So, we can conclude that both of these Android emulators excel in different fields and aspects. Both of them are well-reviewed and popular and are also one of the best Android emulators. 

If you’re looking for the best performance and features, clearly you should choose BlueStacks. However, Nox is better for those who want a safer option and do not want to uninstall their antivirus software. Both have a large and loyal base of followers who have customised these platforms according to their needs. Now it is time for you to do the same.

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