Procreate For Windows 10/11/7: Download Free for PC

Procreate For Windows 10/11/7: Download Free for PC

Procreate is a digital art app for the iPad that allows users to create sketches, paintings, and illustrations using various tools. The app includes a wide range of brushes, pencils, and other devices that can be customized to suit the user’s needs. In addition, Procreate offers a variety of features that make it easy to create complex artwork, such as layers, clipping masks, and group editing. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just getting started with digital art, Procreate is an app that offers everything you need to create beautiful artwork.

Name  Procreate For Windows
Compatibility Windows 7/10/11
File Size 599.3 MB
Price Free
Bug Test Passed (No issues detected) ✅

How to Download Procreate on Windows PC?

Procreate is one of the most popular digital painting and drawing apps for iOS devices. Unfortunately, an official version of Procreate for Windows has yet to be released. However, you can still use Procreate on your Windows PC by using an Android emulator called Bluestacks. Bluestacks allows you to run Android apps on your PC, and it’s straightforward to set up. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Launch Bluestacks and search for “Procreate” in the Google Play Store.
  3. Install Procreate and launch it from within Bluestacks.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your canvas size, brush settings, etc.

With these steps, you’ll be able to download and use Procreate on your Windows PC in no time!

Key Features

  • Procreate is the ultimate app for digital creation. It offers layers, masking tools, filters, layer effects and more to let you create your own masterpieces.
  • Get ready to take your art to another level with Procreate’s powerful brush engine that allows you to customize brushes with amazing precision.
  • Make your work stand out with Procreate’s selection of advanced tools, including the Gradient Map, Color Drop and Shape Transformation.
  • You’ll never be short on options when it comes to color — blend colors with the Color Smudge tool or add texture with the Noise feature.
  • Make any project come alive with the Warp and Liquify tools, which let you manipulate images into dynamic shapes and patterns.
  • With Procreate’s animation capabilities, you can create beautiful moving pieces. Just export your artwork as a GIF or video file to share with the world!

Top 3 Procreate Alternatives

1. Sketchbook

What if I told you there’s a blank canvas where you can unleash your creativity and express yourself? Well, look no further – Sketchbook is here to give you an outlet to do just that! With a range of tools and features, it’s the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. From doodling ideas to creating detailed illustrations, Sketchbook has everything you need to bring your creative dreams to life. So grab a pen and start drawing!

2. Adobe Fresco

Introducing Adobe Fresco – the perfect way to create your art and illustrations! This powerful tool enables you to bring your ideas to life with a comprehensive range of digital brushes, vector shapes and layer effects. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, Adobe Fresco has something for everyone. Unlock your creative potential with a wide selection of realistic tools that mimic classic art media like paints, pastels, and watercolors – all in one easy-to-use program. Explore intriguing textures, colors and effects to unlock your creative potential! Create amazing art from the comfort of your own home.

3. ArtRage

Welcome to ArtRage! We’re here to help you unleash your inner artist and turn mundane objects into masterpieces. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, ArtRage has something for everyone. With intuitive tools and features designed to make painting and drawing fun and easy, you’ll be able to create stunning works of art in no time. So grab your brush, canvas and paints and let’s get started! Unleash your creativity with ArtRage!


Procreate is a painting and drawing app that has been designed specifically for use on the iPad. It offers a wide range of features and an intuitive interface, making it a popular choice for both beginner and experienced artists. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using Procreate.

One downside is that it can be easy to accidentally delete or overwrite artwork, especially when working on multiple layers. Another is that the app sometimes plays poorly with other apps, causing crashes or unexpected behavior. Despite these issues, Procreate remains a popular choice for many artists due to its ease of use and wealth of features.

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