Ring App For Windows: Download & Install on PC [Free]

Home security is a primary concern for one and all – every adult individual no matter what their age looks for a way to make the residence as secure as possible. The Ring app, which comes for both your mobile and your desktop device, is a one-stop solution for millions of homeowners across the country today.

Ring has cleverly combined today’s amazing and flexible wireless technology with the study and structured protection of home security mechanisms of the last decade to come up with a wireless camera, doorbell, and monetary system. All of this can be handled and supervised by the homeowner on their ring app from any remote location. 

Are you looking for the most secure way to download the Ring app for Windows? In this article, we will be covering the latest news about Ring app, the best ways to download it, and some worthy alternatives for this app. And we will also be discussing the features that make the Ring app great and common FAQs for the benefit of our readers.

Name  Ring App For Windows
Compatibility Windows 11/10/7
Size 363 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
Price Free

Download Ring App for Free & Install on Windows PC

Ring has declared that somewhere in 2023 they would be discontinuing the app for Windows and Mac OS. However, users will still be able to access Ring on the official website.

The Ring official website is www.ring.com

As of now, however, you can download Ring app for Windows by following these steps

  • Users must have the latest Visual C++ Redistributable and .net frameworks along with working drivers and an appropriate graphics card in order for the Ring app to perform properly. (This is perhaps one of the reasons why ring app for Windows 10 and 11 provides users with a much more satisfactory performance than the app that is downloaded for older versions of Windows.)
  • Go to the Microsoft app store and search for ‘Ring’ app 
  • Click on the official application. Look carefully to discern between the official and dupe apps available on the store to choose the authentic one.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button to start the installation process.
  • When your App Store shows that the Ring app has been installed, close it and go to the desktop.
  • Click on the Windows Start Button and search for the Ring app.
  • Double-click to open the app and complete the login procedure.
  • Now your Ring app is ready for use!

If you do not find this app on the official Microsoft App Store you can download it directly from the website. If you find the app incompatible with your device when downloaded, you can go to BlueStacks Installer, it with your Google Play Store, and download the Ring app on your PC!

Key Features of Ring App

Many features of the Ring app justify the uncanny hold that this software and home security system has over the market. Several amazing facilities that are offered by Ring are impossible to get at this price point from any other home security system provider.

  • The Ring app supports all browsers including Mozzarella, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Comes with the feature of a comprehensive Snapshot view of each activity taking place.
  • Motion Detector and Speedy Alarm System makes both prevention and intervention a lot easier for the homeowner in case of any trespassing.
  • Alarm event history records every alarm that has gone off in the past. This provides proof for legal proceedings as well as accurate data to pinpoint behavior patterns among delivery agents and other individuals in the locality.
  • There is a Live view you can access anytime through your mobile or PC from anywhere in the world to monitor the behavior of individuals in the neighborhood when you are not present.
  • The two-way talk feature is the best feature for every homeowner because it makes potential trespassers aware that the house is under surveillance even when it is empty. This is an important feature for parents who have kids or pets at home.
  • Downloads are enabled for all video recordings and audio recordings of the past.

Top 3 Alternatives to Ring App

1. EverCam

This is a wire-free security camera. It beats even Ring when it comes to the ease of installation and use. Comes with a 1-year battery life and 1080p full HD live view as well as video recordings. There is a separate option to monitor audio as well. 

Camera quality is unparalleled and has an ip66 weatherproof certification. However, when compared with the Ring app, the digital features offered are a little disappointing. That said, breaking into this device and software is relatively difficult which makes it quite a reasonable and secure purchase.

2. Amazon Key

This one is specially designed for those customers who want an additional level of security when they’re receiving packages from unknown delivery agencies. It gives the user a smart key which they can use as the primary access along with a cloud security camera. 

In case of any alarm, the user can intervene quickly and also send in an official complaint to the delivery agency as well as Amazon. If your primary concern has always been packaged being brought to your house when you are not around, go for this one without a second thought.

3. WyzeCam

This is an AI-based smart home camera that only costs 20 USD! The detailing is nothing crazy as can be expected at this price point, but the live transmission, amazing accuracy, and delightful performance speed make this a pretty decent buy. 

There is an amazing application that you can download for this product along with an automatic cloud system. However, some users have complained in the past of unauthorized access to the home security system. 


Q. Is the Ring app free?

Ans. Ring app is free and comes with a home security system. However, most additional features come with a subscription that is quite affordable and easily renewable. 

Q. Does the Ring app for Windows 10 work smoothly?

Ans. You can easily download Ring app for Windows 10 and 11 and set them up with minimum effort. The app works best on these versions of Windows.

Q. What is the best Ring app alternative in 2023?

Ans. The best Ring app alternative in 2023 is The EverCam app and security system.

Q. Does the Ring app still exist?

Ans. You can still download the Ring app for Windows as of now, but the company has announced that the app will be discontinued for Windows and Mac OS in 2023.


Ring app for Windows is an amazing performer and a necessity for homeowners with kids or pets. The process to download the Ring app for Windows is surprisingly simple and has been mentioned in the article above.

We request our users to carefully go through the pros and cons of the Ring home security system and its many alternatives to make the most informative and clever choice – after all, home security is not a field that rewards experimentation favorably!

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