Shazam For PC: Free Download on Windows 11/10/7 in 2023

For a true music lover, listening to a particular track is just the first step toward an amazing journey of discovery and analysis. 

The Shazam app is not just for musicians; it is a unique approach to exploring music that amateur enthusiasts can use best. Recently, Shazam has also become available for PC setups! The Shazam for your PC has many additional advanced features, making identifying tunes, lyrics, artists, music trends, and emerging categories possible in one place. 

The Shazam on PC runs smoothly, can process multiple commands simultaneously, and has a better speed.

Shazam for computers is astonishingly flexible and compatible. You can download it for PC Windows version 11, 10, 8.1, and sometimes 8. The Shazam PC app also runs on updated Mac and IOS systems. Downloading this app is completely free and only takes a few seconds. Well, we know just how excited you are to download Shazam immediately. 

So, let us now get right into it!

Name  Shazam For PC
Compatibility Windows 11/10/7
Size 48 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

How To Download Shazam For PC?

You can easily download the Shazam PC app by following these steps:

The best pre-download measure you can take for a smooth experience is first to ensure you are well-equipped with all the necessary technology for the process. 

Though some tech experts state that one can download Shazam for PC, almost all Windows versions, the latest, updated Shazam app, cannot run on a Windows version older than 8. Secondly, for the download process to happen, one needs a stable internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi.

You will also need some disc space so the app can run on your PC. Lastly, the Shazam app needs access to a microphone to work. This microphone can simply be the headphones that you usually use!

  • Now, go to the Windows Store app and look for Shazam. Make sure you look at the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the Shazam app in detail before hitting the “get the app” button.
  • Once the store recognizes your request, it will add this app to your library. Now hit the install button, so your PC can download the app.
  • After the download, it is time to double-click the Shazam icon on your desktop and launch the app.
  • You only need to log in if you have a prior Shazam account. If you want to make a new account, you can simply follow the guided steps on the Shazam for PC app and get a functioning platform!

Main Features Of Shazam

If you happened to look at the reviews for Shazam for desktop while downloading this app, you would have noticed how many people already use this platform. After all, Shazam is one of the most popular music apps today. But what makes it so amazing?

It is Completely Safe

Shazam, like much other software, uses your microphone to recognize music. But unlike many other apps, you can trust Shazam to be 100% safe. 

The microphone only works when you permit it to work. Even if Shazam is running in the background without the microphone permitted, it will not be able to recognize any information you share in your private space. Similarly, even when Shazam recognizes and responds to your vocal request, it does not store any information that can breach your right to privacy.

Accurate Song Recognition Technology

While discussing the previous feature, we referred to Shazam’s ability to recognize music. Indeed it can find music based on any lyrics. It can even search songs by looking into the information about an artist or a playlist you might remember from any prior experience. 

The song or music recognition technology is fascinatingly accurate and makes the music streaming process much more pleasurable.

Building a Library and Sharing Songs

Shazam allows users to share songs with other music enthusiasts and save their music into a playlist inside their private library. If they want, they can also connect through public playlists and find other users with a similar test and perspective towards the artist or the genre in general 

Connect With Other Apps 

The Shazam app connects with many other applications, such as Apple Music, so you can use both of them together and switch between them to curate music according to the needs of your work. You can also save music from Shazam directly to your Apple Music playlist.

3 Best Shazam Alternatives

Do you love the idea of Shazam but would rather get any other application than this one? We got you! Here are three alternatives to the Shazam for desktop that you will love.

1. Musixmatch Lyrics

Easy to download and extremely similar to the Shazam for PC, this application has an innovative user interface to show lyrics to the user while they are streaming the music. It aims to make great lyrics available to everybody, and you can also stream music videos on this app.

2. Genius

Genius is a great platform for emerging musicians and a community where young artists find recognition and support from other listeners and music enthusiasts. This relatively new app launched in 2021 offers users new features like annotating lyrics, comparing lyrics, and keeping track of their music habits for the past year. Being a new app, however, it cannot run on older versions of Android or Windows.

3. SoundHound

This app has to be the most popular, second only to Shazam itself. It provides users with suggestions for music streaming depending on the latest trends. Many new updates have been recently released for the SoundHound, which have increased the performance speed and also fixed the bugs that existed before. If you want a popular application to share with your friends, this is the one to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Shazam app run on Windows 7?

The performance of a Shazam app depends on the device and the Windows version. However, the updated Shazam app does not run beyond Windows 8.1 for most devices.

Does the Shazam app consume a lot of data?

 Shazam app consumes less data compared to other music streaming applications. It is a great choice if you want to save internet data.

Is the Shazam for PC app better than the Android version?

Both Shazam apps have their merits and demerits. Shazam for desktop runs quite fast and can perform heavier tasks quickly. 

How much space does the Shazam app take?

The Shazam for the desktop app only takes around 25 MB of space, which makes it an economical choice. 


Shazam for PC is a lifesaver for all users who need a music recognition application while working on various projects or streaming multimedia content on their PC. Gamers and online content creators can also usually benefit from this AI-inspired music application which keeps up with the times!

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