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Snagit is a valuable and lightweight Windows software for taking screenshots. This program makes it simple to take a screenshot by letting you choose an area of the screen. Video editors, meme artists, presenters, bloggers, journalists, and IT pros will all find this application practical. The best part of Snagit for PC is that it works on Windows 10, 11 and doesn’t hog any of your computer’s resources.

The popular Snagit screen capture software has been updated with new features in version 2022. The program has several useful features, including picture-in-picture recording, better video quality, compatibility with Cloud libraries, a universal file format, consistent platform markup, and increased speed.

How to Download Snagit For Windows PC?

We provide two separate ways for downloading and installing Snagit for PC on Windows 7,8, 10, 11 systems.

Method 1: Download Snagit from the Official Website

  1. To get Snagit, go to To launch into action; to begin.
  2. Go to the “Snagit download for Windows” page and click “Free Trial.”
  3. With a few guidelines, you can successfully set up the Snagit app.

Method 2: Download Snagit from the Microsoft Store

  1. Initiate the computer and go to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Find the word “Snagit” in the store’s search bar.
  3. Click the “Free Trial” button, then choose Snagit from the list.
  4. To get Snagit, do what it says on the screen to do.

You can follow one of the methods above if you own Windows. You may begin taking screenshots and creating screencasts as soon as you have installed Snagit.

Key Features Snagit Screen Capture Software

Snagit’s feature set is flexible enough to accommodate many situations. Screenshots and videos of the whole desktop or a customized screen region may be captured using Snagit, a free screen capture application. It is capable of importing screenshots. It works well with other Microsoft desktop products, including OneNote, Word, and Outlook.


The user interface is straightforward and functional. You can find the different functions’ Capture, Edit, and Share buttons on the menu bar’s top screen. Thanks to the Edit and Share buttons, users may easily take a snapshot and upload it to a social networking site. When you run the free Snagit download in a pop-up window, you can capture a screenshot or record a video. You may choose both the format and the screen area to capture. 

Click the camera icon in the window’s upper-left corner to collect screenshots or the movie camera icon to begin recording videos after selecting. The Snagit free download interface is highly intuitive and easy. A toolbar containing all essential functions is at the top of the primary window. There are customizable quick-access buttons on the taskbar for quick access to numerous tools. The selected screen region will be shown in the main window while minimizing the toolbar.


The functionality of Snagit software is quite impressive and offers many cool features. One of the most often utilized features is the ability to capture and share a screenshot on social media instantly. The software provides a variety of tools for creating and editing videos. After installing Snagit, you may take a high-quality screenshot of any screen section. You have several options to choose from. The options include a rectangle capture tool, a freeform capture tool, a scrolling capture tool, etc.


In addition to its ease of use, Snagit is jam-packed with powerful features. The UI is straightforward to use. Anyone from experts to beginners may benefit from this versatile and valuable resource. Quick Fix” and “Shapes & Lines” are only a few editing and highlighting options at your disposal. The “Text Tool” and “Tilt-shift” are only two of the many options available to you while editing a photo.


Snagit for windows is an excellent application. Both the knowledge base and customer service are excellent resources. Support is readily accessible, and it is both powerful and quick. The support team is prompt, supportive, and friendly. This way, customers can guarantee they are getting the best possible service.

Top 3 Snagit Alternatives

Snagit is a screen recording program with image snipping, image capture, and video/audio recording facilities. You may choose from the three best options we’ve prepared if you’d like.


Greenshot, an open-source and free alternative to Snagit, may be used to take screenshots on Windows 7. Because of the user-friendly interface, it is easy to get a hold of it. Unfortunately, Greenshot is only compatible with Windows. However, it is free. Greenshot is an easy-to-use program that has everything a screenshot taker may want. 


This Windows-only program challenges Snagit and the Windows Snipping Tool for the top spot in the screen capture market. Things seem promising thus far. The desktop application Share X is modest but packs a lot of power. In addition to the standard fare of blur and annotation, there are many other editing options at your disposal. Moreover, you can share your screenshots on over a dozen different websites.



Lightshot is a free alternative to the popular screen capture program Snagit (other than the apparent “free” component). It is a browser plugin that works like Screenrec by making it easy to take screenshots, upload them to a server, and create short links. Lightshot may be used to find similar images online. Lightshot, a free alternative to Snagit, is available for Chrome users.


Q. How can I use the Snagit free version?

To use Snagit for windows, you’ll need a computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, macOS 10.12, or the latest version.

Q. Can I delete the Snagit App bookmark I created?

Yes. After accessing the list of bookmarks, tap and hold the one you wish to delete.

Q. Where can I find the downloaded file for the Snagit software I bought?

Locate the program in your device’s “All Apps” folder from the main menu.


The Snagit app is well-recognized as a powerful and versatile program. It has a user-friendly interface, many editing and capture options, and comprehensive customer assistance through a knowledge base. The Snagit app is highly recommended. Finding the desired feature is as easy as exploring the possibilities. Taking screenshots is a breeze. Once a photograph has been obtained, several options for altering it become available. They provide free technical support.

Take screenshots and easily capture screens using the popular Snagit screen capture software. There are several versions to choose from, each optimized for a specific task. It may record a video of your screen or capture a screenshot without requiring additional software installation. It has many features to fulfill the user’s needs and desires. Screenshots and videos of the whole desktop or a customized screen region may be captured using Snagit free download. It works well with other Microsoft desktop products, including OneNote, Word, and Outlook.

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