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Looking for an easy method to download SoundHound for PC and use all features without any limit? You have come to the right place! 

SoundHound for PC involves the modified version of the famous SoundHound app that can work on Windows 7, 8, and 10. The SoundHound app is a revolutionary software that has changed how users browse, stream and work on music, songs, and lyrics. Using SoundHound on PC, amateur and professional musicians can access notes, lyrics, and some underground musical production on their professional devices. This makes working with music super easy!

Unfortunately, SoundHound was only developed for mobile platforms like Android and IOS. Since an official version of SoundHound PC does not exist, downloading the SoundHound app on Windows can be tricky. But don’t worry; we will share a quick, simple, and safe process!

Name  Soundhound For PC
Compatibility Windows OS
Size 44 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

Steps To Download SoundHound for PC

A safe and legitimate SoundHound download can be achieved using a good quality efficient Android emulator. Two of the best Android emulators for the smooth functioning of this app are BlueStacks and MEmu. However, you can use any Android emulator of your choice. Let us see how to download SoundHound PC using BlueStacks:

  1. Go to the official website of BlueStacks and locate the Download button.
  2. Now go to your Downloads folder and look for the .exe file. Click on this file to Run it.
  3. The installation process will begin. Once the installation is complete, the BlueStacks homepage will open up.
  4. Click on the System Apps folder and find the Google Play Store.
  5. Login to your Google Play account.
  6. Your BlueStacks is ready for use. Now locate the Search Bar on the homepage and click on it.
  7. Type out ‘SoundHound’ and search.
  8. Select the official SoundHound app and start downloading it.
  9. Once the app has been downloaded on your Android emulator, you can double-click on it and start your work!

Key Components of Soundhound App

SoundHound has been certified as one of the best music recognition apps available today, which means there are bound to be many unique features that make this app extraordinary. Let us look at some of those:

Automatically Synced, Accurate Lyrics

SoundHound automatically syncs the lyrics of a song with the vocals and the background tunes so that creators can adapt to a high level of accuracy when it comes to playing, recreating, or covering a certain song. 

SoundHound is used by artists who want to analyze a certain song in depth and perform it in front of an audience.

Recognize Music and Songs

This application can recognize songs through the lyrics and a tune that the user hums. 

This is a quality you will not find on any other application, especially if you want one that performs efficiently. The ability to recognize music in this manner is one of the most original features of SoundHound.

Extensive Search Categorization

Even if you do not want to search for a specific song, you can still use the SoundHound app to locate the latest trends in genre-based categories, artist-based categories, music style-based categories, etc. These categories are regularly updated with the most popular songs so that the app can stay relevant 24/7.

Easy Tagging Feature

The tagging feature on SoundHound is an easy method to remember every song you want to purchase. Once you have tagged the song, you can unlock the full version by purchasing the song. The creator reserves all rights to the purchased song, and SoundHound is not responsible for any copyright breach.

Top 3 Apps Like Soundhound

Some great alternatives to SoundHound that you can use to help recognize unknown songs and stream with accurate music and lyrics are:


Shazam, the most well-known music recognition app, usually uses lyrics to recognize music. It is so accurate that it can often beat SoundHound when finding unknown music tracks. Like SoundHound, you can tag the music that speaks to you and purchase it for full streaming and listening. 

You can also share the sample music with other creators on the platform or apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. After recognizing an app, if the user does not want to purchase any rights, they can click on that musical track and open it on Spotify or Apple Music! 


This application is also great at recognizing music. You can easily locate the History tab to return to the music you liked but did not tag! This app stores music from various languages and cultures and produces translated lyrics under the original lyrics so that non-native speakers of a certain language can also learn or stream that song. 

By subscribing to the premium plan, you can save lyrics, turn on the word-by-word lyric syncing feature, etc. When compared for lyrical accuracy, this app wins above all.


SoundCloud is a unique app that lets professional users and creators find the latest music for any category. Most of its features are free, automatically making this app a better alternative for all those users who cannot pay for hefty subscriptions. 

The app allows users to create specific and extensive playlists and stream them even without internet access. This is also one of the most open apps for uploading content; any user can upload their own track or cover versions of any song or music on this app.


Is SoundHound available on PC?

The official SoundHound for the PC version was never released. However, users can download an Android emulator and stream the SoundHound app on a PC.

Which Android emulator is best for SoundHound app download?

Two of the best Android emulators for the SoundHound app are BlueStacks and MEmu.

Is SoundHound for PC free?

SoundHound for PC is free, just like the Android version of the app. However, users have to pay to unlock some amazing features that make SoundHound unique and unlock full music instead of browsing through samples. 

Is SoundHound available on Mac?

You can easily download SoundHound for PC if you have a Mac device. The official SoundHound app version is available for Mac and can be used by anyone possessing the latest device.


SoundHound is a one-of-a-kind app with a loyal following of music lovers, streamers, creators, and even scholars. The option of downloading SoundHound for PC is a real help to the endless number of users who use this app to memorize lyrics, learn songs, and analyze music in vocal productions. What has been your opinion of SoundHound and similar apps? Let us know in the comment box below!

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