Tag After School – Download APK For Android & iOS (New Version)

Puzzle games are one of the simplest and cleverest ways to spend free time at home or on the go. Tag After School is a challenging and immersing game that can be easily played on any latest Android or iOS device – you can play alone or compete with friends or strangers! Its ominous world-building and nostalgic animation style will bring back memories of childhood games on the playground that we used to play after school.

The Tag After School apk version naturally comes with all levels unlocked and all customization options maximized for the best user experience on this platform.

Name  Tag After School
Compatibility Android & iOS
Size 93 MB (Approx.)
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

How to Download Tag After School Mod Apk?

Complete the Tag After School download process for the latest mod APK version by following the simple steps given here:

  • Go to the browser on your Android or iOS device and search for the latest Tag After School Mod APK. You can also choose older versions if your device supports them and you enjoy playing those versions more.
  • Locate the safe and secure download button/link. Click on it and wait for your Mod APK file to download completely.
  • Go to the Files Manager app and try to open the Tag After School APK.
  • A pop-up text will inquire, ‘Do you want to install this application?’. Click on the Install button.
  • The app will be installed in a few seconds. Now you can open it and start playing!

Main Features of the Game

Naturally, Tag After School is a game incorporating several advantages and features that make playing it a delightful investment of time. The main features of this game for which downloading the Tag After School mod is worth it are:

HD Graphics and Smooth Gameplay

Even though Tag After School is a 2D game designed for easy access on any Android device, it comes with top-quality HD graphics that makes detecting movement, players, and elements in the environment. Similarly, the execution of this game is simple and smooth – a lightweight package that only demands a little from the system to run effectively.

Free Upgrades Unlocked

The Tag After School APK mod is a refined version of this kinesthetic masterpiece since it already comes with max upgrades unlocked and paid facilities of the game automatically made free for the player. Undoubtedly, this further enhances the user experience at no extra cost.

Create the Dream Life For Shota-Kun

The main character in Tag After School is the adorable Shota Kun. It is easy to form an attachment to this character which only makes the game more immersive. Tag After School is more than a simple playground game simulation; each choice within the game enhances or deteriorates the situation of your character. Most players have regarded taking care of Shota Kun as extremely rewarding.

Different Gaming Modes

Unsurprisingly, there are several gaming worlds in which you can play this game, including different player variants like single-player variants, double-player variants, etc. Each gaming mode has a set of different obstacles, and players are bound to receive one out of many multiple endings preserved as the game’s outcome.

Pro Tips For Players

In this narrative-based puzzle game incorporating nostalgic and horror elements, players are expected to go through a series of mysterious and horrific incidents while playing Tag After School hours are over. This game includes many surprises as beginners often find themselves making unavoidable mistakes.

  • Such as never going near the lady in the red mask.
  • Always be cautious on your way forward, as enemies, including humans, can be in several forms. If you see a bat or a spider, beware.
  • While there are correct and wrong answers, there are also many answers in between that will shape your future. Always remember past clues and try to solve the puzzle in as beneficial a way as possible.
  • Focus on Shota Kun’s academics as well as relationships with classmates.
  • You have to tag as many classmates as possible (other players) without getting tagged yourself.

Tag After School Alternatives

Here are other games like Tag After School that our readers are sure to love include:

You Left Me

A surreal and suspenseful creation, You Left Me is also quite popular for its unique storyline and one-of-a-kind animation. In this game, you travel across your dreams and find yourself in a nightmare world you must escape before dawn. 

The game takes several tracks, and an unusual cyclops is telling dark jokes and giving hints here and there. There are five different endings that you can reach through this gameplay.


A downloadable suspense game for young adults and adults, you will not find another storyline similar to this. In Black, the player wakes up in an unknown world with no memories of the past and has to navigate the strange creatures and difficult challenges to find their way back and their memories. The average gameplay time for this one is 20 to 30 minutes, and the players are expected to choose the best alternative to get one out of multiple endings.

College Brawl

It is a ruthless, narrative-based action game in which a brutal college gang called Red Kat beats up your friends and confiscates all their belongings. Your job is to get back what belongs to your friends and do them justice. Similar to Tag After School, this game’s blurred and unblurred version is intended separately for children and adults. You can download the free Mod APK version of this game online.


Why is the Tag After School APK such a famous game?

Tag After School APK is a famous game owing to its addictive storyline. The main recurring theme of the game is the set of students playing tag after school hours. However, there are many other aspects, too, that players have to account for to achieve a specific narrative.

How to download Tag After School for all deaths not censored?

Tag After School has several horror elements, and since many minors play this game, deaths are censored in the popular variant. However, the Tag After School download of the Mod APK version is free of such restrictions and is dedicated to responsible adults wanting to enjoy a horror experience.

What features make the Tag After School mod a good gaming choice?

Several features make Tag After School mod a refreshing gaming choice. These features include HD graphics, smooth gameplay, unlocked advanced upgrades, a narrative with multiple endings, etc.

Is the Tag After School game free?

Tag After School mod only takes roughly 100 MB of space and is completely free to download.


Downloading games like Tag After School has been easier than ever, thanks to the amazing technology available for Android & iOS devices. With the Tag After School APK, you get to explore each of this narrative’s gruesome and victorious endings individually. This apk file can also be stored in a compressed form when not in use, and if required, you can back up your game on a suitable cloud backup platform.

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