Threads App For PC: Download For Windows and Mac in 2023

Instagram launched the Threads app on 6th July 2023; ever since then, it has been the biggest thing in the virtual world. The application gained 50M+ downloads within the first five days, and the numbers only increased. The Threads app was brought to the public by Meta and intimately connected with the social media platform Instagram. 

With Instagram becoming increasingly professional as a platform, almost every creator will need an app like Threads for PC and mobile to help them stay in touch with the ones that matter the most. Broadly defined, Threads is a messaging come social media platform where users can easily update their close friends and family about the recent happenings of their lives and receive the same from them. Users can also directly view the Instagram DM’s on their Threads account!

Name  Threads App For PC
Compatibility Windows 11/10/7, Mac
Size 254 MB
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

How to Download Threads By Instagram App on Windows PC?

Threads has currently seen a release only for Android and IOS devices. This means accessing Threads for Windows and Mac might need a little roundabout endeavor. However, fortunately, it is still possible to complete Threads app download for PC. To download Threads for Windows, follow these steps:

Threads App Download Bluestacks

  • Firstly, you will need to download an Android emulator that will allow you to access Android apps on your Windows device. Go to and search for the PC Download link.
  • Click on the Download button/link. BlueStacks exe. Files will automatically be downloaded on your PC.
  • Right-click on the executable files and click on Install.
  • The automatic installation process will take about 20 seconds. Now open the BlueStacks homepage.
  • Select the search bar and type on it “Instagram Threads”.
  • Click on the Download button. Once done, your Threads for PC should be ready for use.

How to Download Threads By Instagram App on Mac PC?

Alternatively, to download Threads for Mac, go through this step-by-step guide.

  • Go to on your Apple browser. Click on the download button.
  • Once the executable files have been downloaded, install BlueStacks on your Mac using a proper installer.
  • Go to the Search Bar and type “Threads”.
  • Identify the app you are looking for and click on the download button.
  • Threads on Mac are ready for use!

Key Features

Threads for Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android – no matter which device you wish to access this platform, the fantastic features that make Threads an instant hit will remain uniform. Some of these features include:

Communicate Through Visual Media

Instagram has introduced Threads Up as a camera-based messaging application which means the main focus of this app is to help users communicate through images and video notes. They can also execute voice calls and send voice notes to their contacts.

Create a Safe Space

Threads were designed to ensure that avid Instagram users have another platform to restrict messages from unknown individuals and focus on communicating with friends. 

Add Close Friends

Users get to decide whom to allow as a contact on Threads and can even rank text from the closest acquaintances so that they always appear on the top and are highlighted through Threads notifications.

Access Business DMs from Instagram

These days, Instagram is flooded by DMs from acquaintances and business owners interested in communicating for mutual favors. Now gain more control over messaging through direct access to these DMs.

Attractive UI with a Variety of Themes

Threads have a genuinely mesmerizing user interface. Setting boundaries and making changes is super easy. You can choose from a variety of themes on this app.

Top Alternatives To Threads App

There are many Threads alternatives in the market today. Some are well-established and well-known, while others are as new as Threads. Here are the top 3 Threads alternatives you should check out if this app is not working.


Threads has been called a clone of the older, more established Twitter app. Twitter is a text-based social media app where users can post micro text content within 280 characters. 

Twitter Blue subscribers, however get a 10000 character limit. Other than that, this app is also a great place to sync social media with direct messaging. Twitter has its Chat feature. It is not connected to Instagram or Meta.


Slack is an app that can be best described as the love child of Threads and Discord, even though this app is much older. On this app, you can be a part of multiple servers, each with its rules, boards, and communication spaces. 

At the same time, you can set similar boundaries regarding who can text you, what they can text, and how much they can text. Users can post a funny status on this app and decide who can view it.


If you are looking for a good quality camera-based messaging app, your best bet is Snapchat. This app has existed for more than half a decade and has introduced most of the features, such as boomerang, filters, etc, that we use on social media today. The app continues to have one of the largest collections of filters, and you can even maintain daily ‘Streaks’ with close friends, making the communication process even more fun.


Q. Is the Threads app ad-free?

Ans. Threads is a new release and is, therefore, ad-free. But users speculate that this messaging app will soon become a sponsored platform like Instagram.

Q. Do I need an Instagram account to use the Threads app?

Ans. Threads have been created as a stand-alone app and can even be used by those users who are not actively present on Instagram.

Q. How to download Threads for Mac?

Ans. One can download Threads for Mac using an IOS emulator. BlueStacks serves as an emulator for both Android and IOS devices.

Q. What is the best Threads alternative?

Ans. The best Threads alternative has to be the older, more established Twitter. However, Twitter is not connected to Instagram.

Q. How to download Threads for Windows?

Ans. Go to the search bar of an updated Android emulator on your Windows device and search for “Instagram Threads”. Click on the download button to download Threads for Windows.


One of the significant reasons Threads has become so popular is that you can add the people that are truly important to you and communicate with them in various ways. The app gives users greater control over when and how they share their close ones. 

The Threads app comes with different categories for Auto Status, including Studying, On The Move, At The Beach, etc. It is a more flexible app for exchanging pictures, videos, information, etc.

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