UFC on PC: How to Download & Play Like a Pro for FREE!

The four major games released under the UFC franchise have become strong nostalgic memories for a whole generation of players today. With EA Sports soon releasing UFC 5, more and more players are looking forward to the first ever UFC on PC release – if at all, since the company has shown no interest in the creation of a PC game till now!

UFC is a challenging game that brings martial arts, including boxing and wrestling, to the forefront and allows digital players to experience the thrill of performing in combat sports. These games, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have been released for consoles. Is it possible to obtain the four UFC games for PC? Let us find out. 

Method 1 – Download UFC on PC From Microsoft Store

Since the new PC gaming craze replaced console gaming, players have wanted to know how to download UFC 4 on PC for free.

However, you can download UFC on the Microsoft Store for your Xbox. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for this game.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store app and search for ‘UFC 4’.
  • The UFC ® 4 app will be displayed as an EA action and adventure game. The price will be listed below. 
  • Click on the blue Buy button. 
  • Complete the payment and log in on your UFC 4 game on your Xbox series XS or Xbox One.

Method 2 – Download UFC on PC From EA Store

Is UFC for PC available? Even with constant demands from their fan base, EA Store has not released UFC on PC. Hence, getting access to the official UFC 4 for PC is impossible, even for a paid version. As mentioned above, UFC 4 for PC can be downloaded on websites that produce Mod APK software.

  • Open the web browser on your PC and type ‘UFC game for PC’.
  • You will be shown several websites providing UFC game Mod APK for PC users. Read the guidelines carefully and choose the version you want to download.
  • Click on the Download button.
  • Go to the Downloads folder double click on the UFC game app to complete the installation process. Now you can start playing!

EA Store allows UFC 4, UFC 3, and UFC 2 download for Xbox One and PS4.

  • Go to the official EA store and search for the UFC game of your choice.
  • Click on the yellow-coloured Buy Now button.
  • Complete the payment process and log in on your console. Happy gaming!

Coolest Features

The UFC game has many features, making it an absolute hit within days of its debut. Since then, GUI visuals and gameplay expectations have come a long way, but EA Sports has preferred to keep it authentic.

Engaging Visuals

UFC games receive a lot of praise for their compelling visuals. Not only are the ring and characters hyperrealistic, but they are also expected to follow realistic regulations, mannerisms, and skill display while fighting with other characters on the ring. Players adopt a virtual reality where they have mastered all MMA styles.

Widest Mobility and Bodily Freedom

Regarding gameplay features, UFC offers the widest movement range, keeping with the realistic interface. Depending on the strength and weakness of your character, you will have different mobility advantages and disadvantages during the actual tournament. The UFC games are an amazing simulation narrative.

Competitive Scoreboards

The competitive scoreboards can be analyzed between friends and acquaintances – a social activity that makes playing this game even more thrilling. You can share tournaments with friends and learn from each other. The detailed evaluation of performance leaves room for continuous skill development among players.

Top 3 Amazing Alternatives To UFC

Since playing UFC games and PC on mobile is next to impossible, you might want to check out these alternative games with a similar interface and scoring system. 

1. MMA Arena

Super similar to the UFC game in terms of graphics, style and commentary, if you are looking for that nostalgic UFC feel without having to break the bank, you might want to try out MMA Arena. The game allows users to browse through all major types of martial arts and choose a realistic body type and educational background for the character that will benefit them most in the ring. It only comes with a single-player mode.

2. Fighting Star

Fighting Star is a realistic fighting game that brings to you 50 pre-determined characters from which you can choose one. This app is similar to the UFC games and is often used by players who want to practice before entering a big tournament on the EA Sports masterpiece. This game is perfect for beginners as the controls are super easy to navigate, and the matches follow minute rules and regulations in every match that genuinely help users develop their understanding of the MMA world.

3. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV is a mobile game focusing on street fighting and brawl. The narrative is made up of 32 distinct characters that fight with each other for ultimate supremacy. You can play this game in single mode, multiplayer mode with strangers, or with fun friends! The vibrant GUI combined with the retro control buttons also appeals to the nostalgic feel of the 90s. You can download this app for free, but to become a master, you might have to unlock certain skills through a subscription pack!

Frequently Encountered Questions

Q. How much does UFC 4 for the console cost?

Ans. UFC 4 by EA Sports is currently sold at 59.99 USD.

Q. Is the official UFC for PC download possible?

Ans. The official UFC game for PC has never been released, so downloading such a game is impossible. Users can play the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series XS.

Q. How to download the UFC game on a PC?

Ans. If you wish to download the UFC for PC, you can try out the many modified versions of this game released online for PC users.

Q. Can we use emulator software to download UFC games on a PC?

Ans. Yes, emulators like BlueStacks can be used to download UFC games for PC for both Windows and Mac.


The chances of EA Sports releasing a UFC game for PC are very slim. But the new releases keep giving fans brand-new hope! If you want to try out the UFC game for the first time, playing modified versions can be great. On the contrary, if you are an avid lover of this series, you might wish to enjoy the official version of this game on your Playstation 4 or Xbox One instead!

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