What is the use of 1DM Browser? – Is it safe to use? 

Who does not like to own their favorite content – something they can download and keep on their device and access from anywhere, even without the internet? It gets even better if users can access premium documents, music, and web series for free. If these things excite you, you will probably love the 1DM Browser. Know the details for the same in our blog today!

1DM Browser: Easy Way To Download Unlimited Content At High Speed

The 1DM is both a browser and file manager; it also has its fan base for the extraordinary speed at which it downloads content. It is used to access and download MP3, MP4, and Torrent files. Developed by Vicky Bonick, this is a safe place for all users, no matter what content they stream or consume. 

A 1DM Lite version also exists for users who wish to preserve space but still access the best features. Some interesting browser features, like a grabber, clone tab, etc., increase the efficiency of this app. Users have also praised 1DM for its effective ad-blocking and tracking capacities.

Is 1DM Browser Illegal?

1DM is an entirely legal browser and downloader trying to solve the problems that users face on most other platforms. You can easily find unknown videos, movies, music, and other torrent content here for free. 

The browser is known for its sustained performance and 500% faster download speed. It is a popular choice by most users, and you can easily find it on most app stores, including the Google Play Store and Samsung App Store.

How To Download The 1DM Browser App?

To download the 1DM Browser App for your Android phone, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and tap on the search bar.
  • Type ‘1DM app’ and wait for the results to load.
  • Click on the official 1DM app and read the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Click on the Download button.
  • Once the app has been imported, open the interface and log in with a fresh username and password.

Top Features of 1DM Browser

There are several great features enjoyed by regular 1DM users that you can benefit from if you join the 1DM community. 

Direct media Download from websites

Users can access regular websites through the 1DM browser and directly download any media on that website. The browser will detect all files uploaded on your browsing web page. 

You can choose the ones that you like and click on Download. You can also preview the media before downloading it by clicking on the preview link above the file name.

Access to Torrent Content For Free

The 1DM browser has made downloading torrent content as simple as possible. You can also open similar sites with links to free streaming of premium content and directly download video and audio from there. This browser will automatically block all malware and adware – secure import of files is guaranteed!

Ad Block Available

1DM can block ads in real time without causing any disruption to the content you are streaming. This is an inbuilt feature present on the browser that you can turn on with a single click. The browser also blocks any tracking automatically and keeps your search preferences secret to a great degree.

HD Video Downloader Support

All content downloaded through 1DM is in HD quality, and the exceptional download speed counts the increased file size to get the best out of your 1DM experience. HD audio and videos downloaded through this browser can quickly be sorted, categorized, and renamed.

Hides Downloaded Files

Not only is 1DM safe regarding user history – it is only available to anyone using the browser and does not leave any additional trace; users can delete the history or password to protect the browser – but it can also hide the downloaded files from the system file manager. You can only access the selected files when you open 1DM. 


Many of us are looking for apps that can do more than one thing. 1DM browser is a worthy alternative and competitor to the more established download managers and browsers. What is the best-underrated use of a 1DM browser that most users don’t know about? Let us know in the comment box below, and start conversing with fellow readers!

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