WinSCP For Mac: Download and Install Free Alternatives (2023 Guide)

Managing files, folders, and cache is essential for any device we use regularly. The more features, the merrier when it comes to file managers and SFTP. 

The application WinSCP for Mac can be a real game changer for users. Using the WinSCP software, you can transfer files, edit text, export data, compress and change the file type, etc., with minimum effort while maintaining a seamless performance speed. 

This amazing application supports almost every standard transfer protocol, including the much-required S3, WebDAV, FTPS, SCP, etc. And quite the icing on the cake, this sweet little tool is a completely free, open-source creation constantly updated and maintained to keep up the unique deliverables.

Do you need an all-in-one file manager, SFTP client, and transformer for your device? We are discussing in detail how to download WinSCP for Mac OS and what to expect.

Name  WinSCP For Mac
Ratings 4.8/5
Version WinSCP 6.1
Bug Test Passed (100% Secured)
License Type Free

Is WinSCP Available for Mac?

WinSCP for Mac OS is unfortunately not available on any designated app store. WinSCP has been designed solely for Windows, as most plugins and compatibility solutions go well with the Windows system. There is no legal and legitimate way of downloading the official WinSCP for Mac. 

To deal with this issue, developers worldwide have devised alternatives to the WinSCP for Mac OS. Many websites have tried to offer a solution through APK downloads and unofficial versions, which can harm the delicate Mac OS environment. Such versions have also been known for privacy breaches and malware! 

So, while WinSCP for Mac download from any shady APK site should be avoided, creative alternatives like the open source muCommander and the micro manager for almost all operating systems, Filezilla, can genuinely surprise and impress users. 

Features Of WinSCP

WinSCP is one of the most popular software of its kind used by developers across the world. Without a doubt, we can rely on the many features that make this application so unique. Let’s start with some of this tool’s most basic and wide-ranging benefits.

Efficient Folder and Data Management

WinSCP is an incomparable folder and data management software within a device or network. 

It enables developers to keep track of crucial documents, system files, application files, etc., across a server and make the required changes by executing a few clicks. The efficiency with which this application executes all management tasks makes it superior to any other available tool.

File Retrieval and Rewriting

This software allows developers and amateur users to retrieve files from their devices and reform them to live up to the needs of the program, project, or server. 

By rewriting old files and damaged creations, this tool is a go-to option for those needing an emergency fix. Some simple tricks using this software can make any folder more suitable for a specific server or project.

Lightning-Fast File Transfer

WinSCP excels in internal and external file transfers and can export files to any distant server anywhere. This file transfer is quick and easy and takes only a few seconds. 

Any Windows device can receive files with the same software installed. The software can recommend the best transfer protocols for each execution so that bulk transfers can be made at a minimum error.

Beginner-Friendly User Interface

WinSCP is mostly favored because of its easy-to-use, easy-to-understand user interface. This software’s first impression on users is that of calm and sincere friendliness. 

The exciting features are all free and designed for unlimited use without slowing down or generating too much cache. Everything can be achieved in just a few clicks, and users can also locate hidden files and bring them to a transparent view. 

Best Alternatives To WinSCP For Mac

WinSCP alternatives for Mac are quite similar in looks and performance. The best of them are as follows.


This software has an amazingly similar user interface to WinSCP. This free FTP and SFTP client specializes in working equally well on every operating system. Users can set up FTP servers and connect to other servers to exchange files. It performs multiple file transfers simultaneously. This is an underrated software that is rapidly gaining popularity these days.

Forklift 3

Using Forklift 3, you can employ designated features for file management and transfer on your local drives and remote servers. This is lightweight software with some of the best performance capabilities. Using this platform, you can compare files, set up management systems, sync, update features, etc. 


muCommander is an open-source file manager and transfer platform with a dual pane. It can run on virtually any operating system that supports Java, making it one of the most flexible file managers. 

You can set up customized keyboard shortcuts, rename a bunch of files, manipulate and rewrite files, browse through remote servers, upload files at a swift pace, etc. 


Q. Can WinSCP for Mac OS be downloaded from any website?

Ans. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download WinSCP for Mac OS from any official website. Some websites that do claim to be able to provide unofficial Mac versions of this software are mostly unsafe and unguaranteed in their claims.

Q. How many transfer protocols does WinSCP support?

Ans. WinSCP supports countless standard transfer protocols such as the SFTPS, S3, WebDAV, FTPS, SCP, etc.

Q. Which WinSCP alternative for Mac has the same user interface?

Ans. The WinSCP alternative for Mac that comes the closest to having a similar user interface is the Filezilla app and software.

Q. Can WinSCP perform as a secure copy protocol client for Mac?

Ans. WinSCP is world-famous as a secure copy protocol client for all the latest Windows OS versions. Since this software does not run on Mac, WinSCP cannot perform as a secure copy protocol client for Mac.


To summarize, WinSCP is a great choice for users from all walks of life. However, since this application is unavailable for Mac OS, the best alternatives have become a part of the lives of every professional Mac user. Which WinSCP alternative for Mac suits you the best? Let us know in the comment box.

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