Xcode for Windows 11/10/7: Download in Few Easy Steps

Don’t have a Mac but still want to develop iOS apps? In this article, we will share a detail of Windows Xcode. There are many ways to develop iOS apps on your windows computer, but most importantly, you must know that you can develop iOS apps only with the help of Xcode. So, Xcode is the way to go, and Xcode is a macOS app.

Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing software for macOS, iOS, iPad, watchOS, and tvOS. It is necessary to have Xcode on your computer. Many people might be thinking about how to install Xcode on a windows PC because it only works on macOS, and you can’t run it on a windows environment. In this regard, you must create a computer’s macOS environment.

Before installing Xcode on your computer, you must ask some basic questions: Are you willing to spend some time & money, or do you want it just for learning? By clearing your thoughts, it is easy to proceed further.

Yes! It’s true that there is no Xcode for Windows PC but don’t worry. In this article, I share some alternatives to getting Xcode for windows. A step-by-step guide is provided to provide the best solution for non-technical beginners.

Name  Xcode for Windows
Compatibility Windows OS (All Verions)
File Size 12.6 GB
Price Free
Bug Test  Passed (No issues detected)

How To Download Xcode For Windows? (Step by Step)

In case you can’t get your hands on MAC, many services allow you to connect to a MAC over the internet. With this, you can see Mac’s desktop from your windows PC and easily control that Mac. It is not as ideal as having actual access to a Mac because there is a little bit of lag as you are controlling that computer. The beginners are recommended to start with the virtual access of Mac to know the basics of app development first to see if you like and want to do the service long Term.

MacStadium is one of my favorite choices as it is also shown on the stage of Apple. A step-by-step guide to installing Xcode for windows using alternative ways is as follows:

Step 1: Sign up for MacStadium

MacStadium provides a free trial, but it’s not for the Long Term. After signup on MacStadium

  • Click on Start my free trial.
  • A configuration is needed.
  • Click on the start trial button on the right-hand side.
  • Enter account information or create a new account
  • You have to wait for one hour so they can set up your Mac, and within an hour or two, you will get an email with a link.
  • On clicking the link, it will take you towards the ticketing system, where you can see your login credentials for Mac.

Step 2: Connecting Windows PC to Mac using TightVNC Application

  • In your browser, go to TightVNC.com.
  • On the home page, you will find a link to Get your free copy of TightVNC.
  • On the next page, you will get options to install it for your windows 32-BIT and 64-BIT options are available.
  • After downloading TightVNC, many configurations are needed, i.e., the Term of agreement. In the next step, choose “custom installation type.”
  • Turn off the type VNC server because we don’t need that for this purpose.
  • Only Allow TightVNC viewer, which allows us to another computer, so click on Next and install.
  • On running it, you need to verify the remote host IP address, which will be in that installation ticket after they set up your Mac.
  • You start running your Mac on your Windows. The password for the Mac is the same one you just used to connect to this Mac.
  • Scale in and scale out to get a zoom image of your Mac.

Note: If confused, go to settings and check About your PC. In windows specifications, you will get your answer.

Step 3: Installing Xcode on Windows

  • Now go to the Mac APP store to download Xcode
  • Downloading and installing Xcode will take an hour.
  • After installing, you can create your first project of “Hello, world”
  • All options are mentioned. Choose and pick

Features of Xcode

Some unique features are listed below:

  • Source Editor
  • Asset Catalog
  • Assistant Editor
  • Open quickly
  • Simulator
  • Integrated build system
  • Live issues
  • Fix-it
  • Compilers
  • Quick help
  • OpenGL Frame Capture
  • Version Editor 

Xcode Alternatives For Windows

You can use many alternatives to run Xcode on your Windows PC. I am listing only three of them. All these alternatives will provide ease to create any code, so you can easily practice iOS apps using the given alternatives. 

1. Sublime Text 

The sublime text gives access to a lightweight text editor for coding. It offers shortcuts and search tools to find specific functions without browsing. It will also allow for the integration of thousands of plugins with the tool. 

2. Eclipse 

Eclipse is one of the best alternatives for Xcode in windows because it provides an assortment of options for editing different types of codes. Using Eclipse, you can easily change the theme of your project and set the coding style in the preferences section. 

3. Microsoft Visual Studio 

Millions of developers across different organizations use Microsoft Visual studio alternative. It is used to code, build, debug, analyze and learn as well. It is an advanced IDE for C++ and .NET developers on windows. 


Is there Xcode for windows available? 

Not directly, but you can use the steps mentioned above to use Xcode on Windows PC. 

Can you develop Apple Apps on windows? 

Generally, Apple apps are only developed using MacOS, but to develop on windows, you need to use different alternatives like VirtualBox, VMWare, etc. 

Why is Xcode only for Mac? 

Xcode only runs on macOS. It is an Apple IDE, so it is being used on devices with macOS.


Xcode for windows is not available, but an alternative application will help you use Xcode and develop iOS apps. It is recommended to start with the virtual box rather than buy Mac. Virtual box is quite convenient. Once you feel comfortable and know that you can quickly develop iOS apps, you can buy MacOS. In this article, I shared a step-by-step guide to installing Xcode on windows in few easy steps. I hope it’s worth reading. 

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